MXit PC Verison(Beta)

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MXit Lifestyle has finally brought out a PC version of MXit, It is simple to download and easy to use.

No Java emulators required, No Java software downloads, No More continuously Having to download MXit files, This is a once off download.

Something From The MXit_team:

Greetings MXiteers,

Thank you for wanting to download the beta release of MXit PC Beta, we trust you will enjoy using it!

Some important notes:

The following functions are not yet supported but will be added later:

1. Sending / Receiving encrypted messages (encryption of login details is supported)
2. MultiMx
3. Multiple language support
4. Alert profiles
5. Inline images
6. Text markup
7. Custom emoticons
8. Voice recorder
9. Vibes
10. Sending SMSes
11. Offline contacts cannot be hidden
12. Messages that are saved in the gallery cannot be viewed
13. Group broadcast (sending messages / files to all the members of a group)

We are also aware of the following problems which will be addressed in due course:

1. Emoticards cannot be sent to MXit PC
2. Skins are not supported
3. If you don’t send any messages for about 3 hours, your contacts will appear online but will not respond. To fix this, logout then log back in.
4. You will need to uninstall the beta before you can install any updates
5. Windows Vista is not supported.
6. When chat window is opened, the text input box needs to be clicked on before you can type.
7. Emoticons are not displayed in service menus

Minimum Requirements:

• Windows XP
• Internet Explorer 5.5
• 256 MB Ram
• 300 megahertz or higher processor clock speed recommended
• 6M free space
• Administrative Privileges on the machine which the application is being installed


Theres still lots of room for Improvement in this version, Lots of bugs, The one thing that gets to me is that there is no “hide offline” Option, But overall its a great application.

Heres a couple of screenshots:

Where to download MXit PC?

Here: Follow the steps and download MXit PC here.

Once downloaded run the installer, open the application and login.

Got any questions or queries Or bugs you would like to report?

Signing up for the mxit forum is FREE, and easy.


  • Oh this is great! I’m excited.. shall try it out tomorrow.

  • Ciocco

    thanks for the link St. now i have another question which may sound very simple but where’s the option to send the message…
    is it the yellow envelope that i must click or what, because i don’t see anything else, but when i clickon the envelope nothing happens.

    please help.

  • St John Lombard

    Double click on a conact you want to chat to. it will open up a window, click the text box, and type your message and send.

  • Shaheema Sahib

    Please add me as a contact, 0763786370. I have a boyfriend but another never killed anyone 😉 anyways, looking forward to hearing 4rm u. MWAH!!!

  • nathan

    searched 4 quite a while 2 get connected on mixit pc,hope 2 make lts of friends

  • B.Bhaba

    Woah i was just lookin for this n found it but the person who left comment 4, i think i was in school wit

  • nathan

    where did u shool,cant recall surname,which country r u in,im somewhere in africa-and u

  • scofield

    where r the connection settings on this thing?

  • Shaheema Sahib

    Me? i went to Sastri College.

  • St John Lombard

    Please keep your social matters off this blog.

  • Y.B

    Yes u shaheema!!! Your sister is rashida right? We were in 8b together…

  • Shaheema Sahib

    Rashida? Bird? yip, it’s me, u got a gf?

  • Y.B

    Yeah i do n i love her, y do u ask?

  • Y.B

    My apologies about the social matters john

  • Reshna

    I managed to download mxitpc but it says “Your Mxit client could not be validated, please download the latest version at“. Ive tried doing that and registering from my computer through mpowerplayer but there’s no way for me to register my number. Please help me register somehow!! then I can login from my comp!!

  • babyjade

    Is there a version for vista?

  • babyjade can you read?

    Point 5 above: Windows Vista is not supported

  • Y.B

    So far this looks great and i’m keen to see how the first non beta version comes out, however i still prefer to use mpowerplayer to mxit from

    I wonder if anyone knows how to sync iChat and mxit??? That should be interesting

  • babyjade

    Sure I can read rafiq, i was jus askn, no need to get cocky hey.

  • babyjade

    Sure I cabn read Rafiq, I was just askn, no need 2 get cockey.

  • St John Lombard

    Babyjade, Hes not being “Cockey” If you read the article through, you will see it clearly states theres not vista support. if a new version comes out with vista support we’ll let you know.

  • Cornelius

    Hi there i tried everything from mpowerplayer to mxit pc mxit just dont wana log in it keep on saying (mxitpc) please download the latest mxit to your mobile now my mobile only supports up to v5.3.0 may that be the problem?
    mpowerplayer has a number already stored on the screen how the hell do one change that number can someone please help me there?

  • St John Lombard

    Corn, Do you have mxit on your phone?

    If not, then use the register option to create an account

  • Shaheema Sahib

    Y.B, i don’t know if i should ask, but are u n yr gf keen on a threesome?

  • D Hanekom

    I’ve got mxit on my phone and I’ve always used it on my PC. But since yesterday I can not access Mxit in my Pc (through mpowerplayer). It just keep telling my I’m not registered. this morning I’ve downloaded Mxit Beta and it says” “Your Mxit client could not be validated, please download the latest version at“. Please help me. thank you

  • St John Lombard

    Use this version rather.

  • Cornelius

    Lombard yes i have dwnloaded mxit on my phone samsung d500

    but it still says dwnld the latest mxit version on to your mobile now as i stated b4 my phone only supports up 2 v 5.3.0 arre there a setting i need to change? o yes i did register on mixit already but it still stays the same can some 1 please help me

  • russel morris

    hi there
    i have been using mixit on my phone and then on my laptop with XP pro.
    i recently upgraded to a new laptop using vista home fresh out the box but now my problerms are as follows:
    1) i tried to download the pc beta version of mixit from the site then enter S.A and western p and the code and hit download. it then starts but just hangs at about 40%.
    2)I then tried loading the same version i had on my old lap which i saved to my ext HD . this worked ok and i logged in and as long as i dont double click on a contact it keeps workingbut when i do try to start chatting it sits and thinks for a few moments then says `AN ERROR HAS OCCURED AND THE APP WILL NOW CLOSE`. I then need to reboot my sys to access it again. I compared most of the` internet options` setting of the two laps and they are similar. i cleared my cache and cookies to no avail
    please help, any advice would be welcome


  • Cornelius

    Russ sory bud but as far as i know mxit dnt wrk on windows vista the mxit teams working on that one

  • Y.B


  • St John Lombard

    Yeah Russ, No vista support….


  • Mr. M R

    Hi There,
    i donwloaded the MXIT PC Beta version, i logged in but the screen stands on Logging In screen, doesn’t go furthur.

    please assist.

  • Mfundo Bizani

    I want to chat on my pc now

  • Shaheema Sahib

    Y.B, phone me, I’m serious, 0763786370. Mwah.

  • Y.B

    Try getting a gmail account, and on the side chat bar, at the mxit persons number like It works brilliantly.

    Shaheema you don’t even know what i look like. How can you be serious?

  • Will Masha

    When is Mxit making compatble chat 4 vista users

  • St John Lombard

    Not sure, maybe in future versions 😉

  • russel morris


  • Sexy Ken

    hey, i love mxit. thank u so much whoever invented it

  • hey howzite wud

  • shaun

    not working on Vista, what can I do?

    • MCT

      Go back 2 XP!

  • St John Lombard

    Nothing. Just hope for vista support in future realeses.

  • Shaheema Sahib

    Please call me 0763786370, i’m willing to do ANYTHING!

  • Nathan.D

    Hi shaeema. Do you do footjobs? Please reply, nathan

  • MCT

    Can I with mxit PC version chat to a phone user?
    i want to chat 2 phone users plz!

    • St John Lombard

      yes you can.

  • Nicci

    For the past few days, i cannot get on Mxit with my laptop, each time it opens, it gives a message – An error has occured, and the application will close. Can anyone help please?

  • Asser

    Hey hey hey I’m alive!

  • Casandra.T

    what do i do in order to get mxit my PC. it wont work. HELP!!!!!!!!!

  • drienie

    help ek kan nie mxit op my laptop kry nie !

  • mo

    try disabling all your firewalls etc when you first start up mxit pc….hey it worked 4 me wen i had tried b4 and got the validation error….no harm in trying.

  • muriel

    Hi please can you supply me with the web side where i must go in to download mxit pc on my computer


  • Kerneels Wolfaardt

    Why is MXIT not for Mac OS X and when will it be available?
    Please take action!


  • Ian

    My wife has been recieving photos and messages from men she claims she has not conversed with? Is this possible or am I being bullshitted??

    • loomz

      dude just stick to what u believe mybe ure right she is not faithfull

  • zipho

    hey, jst wantd 2 knw how do i get this mxit thing working on my pc??

    • yandiswa

      how to i get this mxit working on my pc

  • socks

    how do you download another version on mxit????? help me

  • Naturegal


    can anyone tell me, can more than one user use the mxit PC?
    we have more than one member in the house thats on mxit, is there a way to set it?
    or can it only be used for one number?

    • Tirsa

      Any answers yet? I’d like to know the same thing

      • kerry

        and any answer yet?
        i also need help with this

  • Kerneels Wolfaardt

    Still not Mac compatible!


  • adnan

    i try to download mxit pc beta but it does not work plz help

  • Thembelihle

    Mxit is very good especially for us as students because we dont have enough money to buy airtime everyday to call our love ones,can you plz as mxit team allow us to use multimix even at night because we like to to talk as friends at the late times.

  • Kabous

    how do u install mxit on your pc?i have version 5.6.3 on my phone

  • doctor

    log me in to mxit

    • doctor

      please download mxit in my pc

  • Sibonisiwe

    can i not log in on ma pc rather if i want to chat wit friend from my cellphone’s mixit

  • ntando

    mxit is the best

  • delusional k

    in which website can i download mxitpc v5.3 without signing up

  • Slifer

    Hi I need help!! i have the latest version of mxit on my phone. Mxit pc client hangs at logging in screen, it does not go further. I turned windows firewall off but still the same. Even added it to execption list. I have the latest version of java installed as well. is there anything else that i need to do in order to get mxit pc client to log in?

  • anonymous

    hi, i would like to know, can you leave offline messages for a contact? thanx

  • cya

    i cant seem to download mxit on my fone anymore or any fone i try it on for that matter if i try and get an older version it does not work

  • I love mxit it’s nice I want to Have it

  • i think mxit is a bad infleuence on children who ever made it was not well aware of the problem

  • this is reli kwl and i wld lve 2
    get it on my pc so that i cn keep in c0ntact
    wif all my peeps 0n my c0mputer

  • Patrick

    i downloaded and installed MXit on my pc. i seem to have a problem logging in. can’t the programme work without a celphone?

  • Wayne

    Why cant i get moola in the chatrom so that i can chat, it gives me a message saying ” an unknown error has occurred”

  • zonke

    mxit is 2 good 4 us

  • tahpelo

    i downloaded and installed MXit on my pc. i seem to have a problem logging in. can’t the programme work without a celphone?

  • tahpelo

    hae i have just installed mxitpc but i cannot login…can you please help…

  • Velani

    Just want to chat on Mxit

  • Do you not just enter the email address in to To: field of your MMS?

  • I would like you to assist me on how to download mxit on my computer thanx

  • nwabisa

    mxit pc has been gud 2 me so far.



  • steven

    when i open the chat box i can’t talk to anyone don’t know why

  • fantasy

    I want to download mxit on my PC

  • lee

    When will mxit pc be up nd running again?

  • maxine

    hey…why is mxit not workin….
    im dying with out it….

  • i want to downlaod mxit in my pc

  • Ayesha

    I like it.

  • mxit pc is it working ,is aint working, wassup peoples ,catch a wake up n let us know .we dyin out here.

  • natasha

    love mxt


  • zano

    ppl say its addictave but you the one that makes it addictave it dnt have to b if you control yourself

  • KD

    wat is up with mxit ppl…we are dying…someone pls tell us wat gaan aan?

  • tan

    how can i get mxit on my pc

  • kevin

    I dont have a mobile how do i get mxit on my pc

  • melissa

    like mxit and loveeeeeeeee it

  • zaan

    im struggling my butt off to get mxit on my pc

  • kevin

    pc mxit.log in then it says (an error hafe to close all aplications.y?

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  • Pieter

    This old PC client has been replaced by a completely new one, named MXit EVO, available here:

  • spoozo

    would like to chat on mxit….who is on to caht?

  • FILA


  • marce

    vok julle almal

  • Fancy Lips

    Hey ppl watsup, can anyone tel me hw dis mxit work coz m confused

    • Pknsele

      join da club i  always confused but u figure it owt