MXit PC Verison(Beta)

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MXit Lifestyle has finally brought out a PC version of MXit, It is simple to download and easy to use.

No Java emulators required, No Java software downloads, No More continuously Having to download MXit files, This is a once off download.

Something From The MXit_team:

Greetings MXiteers,

Thank you for wanting to download the beta release of MXit PC Beta, we trust you will enjoy using it!

Some important notes:

The following functions are not yet supported but will be added later:

1. Sending / Receiving encrypted messages (encryption of login details is supported)
2. MultiMx
3. Multiple language support
4. Alert profiles
5. Inline images
6. Text markup
7. Custom emoticons
8. Voice recorder
9. Vibes
10. Sending SMSes
11. Offline contacts cannot be hidden
12. Messages that are saved in the gallery cannot be viewed
13. Group broadcast (sending messages / files to all the members of a group)

We are also aware of the following problems which will be addressed in due course:

1. Emoticards cannot be sent to MXit PC
2. Skins are not supported
3. If you donโ€™t send any messages for about 3 hours, your contacts will appear online but will not respond. To fix this, logout then log back in.
4. You will need to uninstall the beta before you can install any updates
5. Windows Vista is not supported.
6. When chat window is opened, the text input box needs to be clicked on before you can type.
7. Emoticons are not displayed in service menus

Minimum Requirements:

โ€ข Windows XP
โ€ข Internet Explorer 5.5
โ€ข 256 MB Ram
โ€ข 300 megahertz or higher processor clock speed recommended
โ€ข 6M free space
โ€ข Administrative Privileges on the machine which the application is being installed


Theres still lots of room for Improvement in this version, Lots of bugs, The one thing that gets to me is that there is no “hide offline” Option, But overall its a great application.

Heres a couple of screenshots:

Where to download MXit PC?

Here: Follow the steps and download MXit PC here.

Once downloaded run the installer, open the application and login.

Got any questions or queries Or bugs you would like to report?

Signing up for the mxit forum is FREE, and easy.


Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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