SEO and SEM, they are co-existing.. rap with video & lyrics

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Rather brilliant video about Search Marketing Basics

You wanna start SEM well heres what to do
You focus on the product and you find a niche too
You wana get the listing
I’ll give you some assistance
SEO and SEM, they are co-existing
To cover all the bases you must have patience.
Research all you keywords and your phrases
they all sound good but they may not be effective
there’s several ways to check and I prefer Wordtracker
Very vague phrases should get denied
Long tail keyphrases are more qualified
Check the CPC, thats the Cost per Click
Make a judgetemnt call. Is it worth that hit?
If it is then keep it. If its not then delete it
Stay within your budget, thats not a big secret
Track your results, reporting is critical
Set your goals right, be Google Analytical.
Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing
If your business local make sure you do your targeting
The user only clicks on what sounds best
Make sure you use very descriptive ad text
Its a must that you use very descriptive landing pages
If they see what they want. They’re very easily persuaded
When they convert, then thats a win-win
your site is bookmarked, they’ll come back again.
CPC will go down, CTR will sky rocket
ROI will get better, thats more money in your pocket.
& if your smart, you’ll invest in mo phrases
but thats up to you I’m just givin you the basics
you gotta think fine, if you dont hit rewind
pay it close attention, play it back another time
but that’s just a start, anymore might cost
I’ll have to deal with my boss if i tell you the secret sauce
on how PPC can enhance SEO
Revolving ad text, thats the way to go
Uh-oh thats too much for you to know
So check the next video if you wanna get some more man…

by moserious, The EO Rapper

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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