See the Carte Blanche show on Web 2.0 last night?

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Just in case you missed the buzzword-laden Carte Blanche last night, here it is.

2.0 opposing views are expressed by Nic and Tyler. I agree with both of them, partially. What were your thoughts on the Web 2.0 show on Carte Blanche last night?

Jason Bagley, Ndesanjo Macha, Paul Jacobson, Dave Duarte & a poll on BizCommunity about the standard of journalism.


  • Excellent. It’s about time those old farts get on the roll!

  • This was informative, but slanted at the same time. My statement is this; Carte Blanche, don’t broadcast a show on Web2.0 if you’re going to edited out most of the crucial information explained. They don’t call Rafiq the Web 2.0 Guru for nothing. He obviously had a lot more to say than what was shown. It just doesn’t do complete justice to this great technology.

    The Guru and Web 2.0 Rules!!!! Suck on that Carte Blanche

  • thanks for inspiring me to RE-connect! Great insert!

  • shabnam

    You had screened last week a case against the RAF & Schoss ( not sure of the spelling) , where can i access a copy of that case .

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