MXit v5.6.1 Released – Bugs Fixed and Tshirts from Springleap

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MXit has released v5.6.1, Nothing much has changed, just a few bug fixes, and Performance Improvements.

Download on your mobile at

Quote from the MXit Forum:

Greetings MXiteers,

MXit version 5.6.1 bug fix release has been made available. It can be downloaded from

Bugs fixed:

  • There is now better error handling for the Sony Ericsson K800 if the phone does not support voice recording.
  • The Nokia N73 painting bug has been fixed in the voice recorder.
  • We have disabled the camera support for the Samsung G800.
  • We have fixed the bug where the 2 button mode becomes a 3 button mode when exiting the camera screen.
  • You know the hissing sound after playing an alert, well this has been fixed for the Nokia N73.
  • Fixed the invalid tab after deleting a contact.
  • We have removed the โ€œClose tabโ€ command from the Alert profiles menu.
  • We have fixed the bug where sometimes when the first key is pressed it is interpreted as a key press for a numerical value. (eg. The user pressed the button โ€œaโ€ but gets a number โ€œ2โ€ instead).
  • We have fixed the bug where the repaint of the chat screen with embedded events removed the inline edit.
  • We have fixed the bug where duplicate MultiMX names broke the Tab control.
  • The incorrect message error after a successful forwarded file has been fixed.
  • The Client now attempts to reconnect after being disconnected.
  • We have fixed the bug where the info contact could be moved into a group. The Info cannot be moved into a group any longer.
  • We have fixed the bug where the hidden offline contacts are not removed from the roster when you clear the chat screen with โ€œClear msgsโ€ command.
  • Multi line informational message is now correctly painted when you scroll.
  • We have fixed the bug where groups with the same name โ€œGROUP1โ€ and โ€œgroup1โ€ caused the contact to be moved into the incorrect group.
  • You canโ€™t edit an invite of a contact any longer.
  • When adding a contact with an empty phone number will now show the correct error message.
  • We have fixed the bug where the memory card was inaccessible on the Nokia 6234.
  • The Tab control bug where new message flag was not always reset, incorrectly showing a yellow tab.
  • The Memory issue with the Samsung G600 has now been fixed.


  • Inline Edit: The use of the dedicated โ€œCancelโ€ key if the phone has one.
  • Inline Edit: We have improved the positioning of the input mode frame.
  • Inline Edit: The back command turns to Delete as soon as a user types something (Only useful for phones with no Cancel key).
  • Inline Edit: We corrected the order of the โ€œ?โ€ and โ€œ!โ€ characters for the Sony Ericsson phones (Nokia has a different pattern).
  • Better file access support has been added.
  • Better recognition of audio file types has been added.
  • We improved the ability to distinguish between different vibes for certain Samsung phones (E250, G600, F250).
  • We removed the font size selection for phones that only supports 1 font type (eg. Motorola V360).
  • Some improvements have been made to the Alerts. Some alerts now takes you to previous screen after the confirmation from a user.
  • The alerts correctly honours markup text.
  • If a new contact is moved to into a group, then the contactโ€™s profile is set to the same profile as the group.
  • The three button mode is now the default mode.
  • Better support has been added when changing skins. Previously new selection bars, headers and icons were not positioned correctly.
  • Some small memory improvements has been made.
  • We have added better skin support for Motorola phones with low memory has been made.
  • Some menus are canceled with a โ€œCancelโ€ key rather than โ€œBackโ€ key.
  • If the phone only has HTTP jad entries listed, then the โ€œConnectionsโ€ screen does not show socket setting options.
  • We have added support for 42×29 icon sizes.


Visit The MXit forum for any problems you may be experiencing with your MXit.

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Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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