Call a flame, by it’s name, a flame. Yes I flame too.

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The flames are flying on this Monday morning.

Yes, Your Web AddiCT(s); flame too. What exactly is a flame and how is flaming used when blogging?

What is a flame? A flame is an intentionally crude or abusive email message or blog post. Rule: Don’t do it. Ever. Not only is it bad netiquette, you leave a trail. Sometimes it’s OK to flame, it all depends on your intention.

Instead of naming and flaming I’ll give some examples of how I’ve flamed on this blog and it’s (indirect) implications:

Let’s start with when Mike Stopforth re-branded 27dinner. Read Mike Stopforth’s post, 27 get’s a walloping, and all the comments from January 2007. This is a flame Your Web AddiCT started. Blogging is dead touches on this subject too 😉

What happened later? Mike Stopforth explains again: 27dinner gets a new look and attitude.

Another example fresh in my mind is when Your Web AddiCT blogged about the Quirk’s new interns, A Question for each of Quirk’s new Interns Carlos Menezes, can you still remember being an intern?

Back when Carlos Menezes was still an intern, he responded with a post on GottaQuirk.

The response to my fire-starting questions led to 2 things: I uncovered BrandsEye(i), Online Reputation Management tool, being tested by Quirk on their own brand and became the first external ALPHA-tester in January 2007(ii) and helped tweak the system until it was released to the public in March 2008.

Now, Christopher Mills lights a few matches and hits the front of muti, with the exact same tactic but instead of looking at the harm it is causing lets look at the silver lining. Charl Norman and I have been tossing the idea around to collaborate on a new site since our first *stomp stomp stomp* meeting on a pear farm from 2007 into 2008.

Thank you Christopher Mills for the matches. He’s given us reason to launch our new site,, properly. Both Charl Norman and I have really really busy wwwork and personal schedules but if it wasn’t for Chirstopher Mills and the Quirk eMarketing textbook SEO blog would not be where it is already.


On another note. Would be bloggers/web copywriters. Do you notice the glue that keeps all, the Web AddiCT(s); posts referenced and linked to here, together?

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now 🗺️

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