Stop blogging about blogging and change the wwworld

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Hey, why are we blogging about blogging about blogging when we can use the platforms at our fingertips to change the wwworld? Jail4Bail, raising R 1 million for Autism awareness!

Your Web AddiCT(s); incoherent tweets about FriendFeed, Flickr, Twitter and the damn #jail4bail hashtag was nicely translated in to a language that you can understand by Mike Stopforth, FestyFemale and Andy, The Cowboy & Engines, Hadfield. SA Rocks added the first stone to the pile many moons ago, pardon the pun.

Now, ask yourself: “How much money have your saved by sending free sms messages from MTN, Vodacom, Cell C, Virgin Mobile, via Blueworld and chatting on MXit?”

Did you save morethan R10 by sending free SMS messages and instant messaging on your mobile phone?

If you answer is yes please  SMS the word VUKA to 38010. SMS COSTS R10 AND THERE IS NO MONTHLY SUBSCIPTION FEES. That 10 Rand will be going straight to the #jail4bail charity campaign and Autism Western Cape and you will be able to win a Vuka Scuta, R3000 or R2000.

Scientia potentia est is a Latin “For also knowledge itself is power” stated originally by Sir Francis Bacon or as Bill Nye The Science Guy would say it… scientia est potentia.

  • Rafiq I hate to break this to you but R10 will not go to Autism Western Cape. R5+ will go to Vodacom / MTN / Cell C and the rest of the cash will go to Autism Western Cape.

    • A bit heavy for the philantropist inside of me.. or anybody else.. So R2million must be spent in order for Autism WC to see a million…???

  • kudos on the initiative – This explores the potential of fundraising/giving through mobiles. I think @ethanz was interested in ideas such as these.