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Coolest guy on the internet is an SEO competition initiated by Kim Reid of MIH Africa. Remember the springleap SEO Contest? Well, similar to the Springleap SEO contest, there is now a prize for the person(guy or gal) who ranks highest for the term coolest guy on the internet will win something unknown, that according to Kim, “Will be worth it!” I doubt it will be cold hard cash. Who knows? You do not have to be a guy to enter.

If you’d like to participate and find out exactly what SEO tactics are going to be used by Your Web AddiCT to rank the highest amongst the MIH crew please watch this space.

So far the following internet guys are participating:

  • Justin Hartman
  • Charl Norman
  • Dewald Botha
  • Add you name by commenting with URL and I’ll add you to the list

This is an internal company contest to find the person who will rank Highest on Google for said term. How chill is that? With a 85:15 male to female ratio in the company what happens to the coolest girl/woman on the interwebs. Instead of altering all the websites like with the spirngleap seo contest I created a nice Coolest Guy on The Internet Synthasite website.
Coolest Guy on the Internet SERPs day 1
The contest to find the highest ranking page for the term ‘coolest guy on the internet’ lasts until the end of February 2009. Google Luck to all of you people online who are participating. The next update will be here. Ice Ice baby…

Coolest Internet Guy Update: Looks like everyone using the-coolest-guy-on-the-internet in their URLs are confusing the Google search engine result pages a hell of a lot. View those results here.

So far the early birds and .com domain names are ahead with just over 3 weeks to go…

Another Cool update for the guys who are following this online:

I’ve uploaded a Document on Scribd for you to see where I’ve been working.
Coolest Guy on the Internet by Rafiq Phillips

Nine days into the Coolest Guy on the Intenet contest, Justin Hartman has dropped. Charl Norman climbs and domain coolestguyontheinternet dot com appears to be in the lead.

On Fedbruary 16 2009 the Coolest Guy on the Internet contest is over but i wonder what the results will look like at the end of the month… ๐Ÿ™‚

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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