Charged after BarCamp Nigeria

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Mobile Recharge Station - Lagos
Back in Cape Town after a trip to Lagos, Nigeria for BarCamp Nigeria

A quick round-up of the Nigerian Experince.

  • Vodacom international Roaming #FAIL
  • MTN 128k sim card saved the day.
  • SMS is really cheap, 89 South African cent(15 Naira) to send an international SMS.
  • Having 3 phones mobile phones is considered normal by some in Nigeria.
  • Lagos is more humid than Durban… hot and sweaty.
  • Waiting, waiting  and more waiting at Lagos Airport. They do have mobile phone recharge stations with every imaginable mobile phone type charger available all over the place.
  • Baggage went missing in between Cape Town and Lagos. Bye bye to a box filled with 50 Barcamp Nigeria Tshirts.
  • Victoria Island… HEEELp me! What an experience. Naija Night life is fun.
  • Justin Hartman keynote, new service launched by Afrigator called GatorPeeps (micro-blogging almost like twitter, pownce and jaiku)
  • Victoria N’dee Uwadoka (Microsoft East Africa) gave the best Microsoft presentation I’ve ever seen. Maybe because Microsoft wasn’t mentioned once during her presentation 🙂
  • Breakout sessions were about everything from SEO to Internet Radio.
  • Panel Sessions – Realizing Nigeria’s Internet Potential and another on Mobile Technology which Your Web AddiCT was fortunate to be part of.
  • Winner of the Hash One premium Theme: Oluniyi David Ajao

This post style is inspired by frogfoot joe 🙂 Read more about BarCamp Nigeria at StartupsNigeria

  • thanks for the mention of the springleap Tshirts in your frogfoot joe styled posting! *fail* **grin**

  • Nice one Rafiq, but u didn’t mention the part of the police….oopps u had gone, ask justin about what happened on sunday night. You missed a lot of more fun

  • Loy

    Hi Rafiq,

    Thanks for the linklove:-)

    Nice you had a great time in VI (short for Victoria Island). I hope that somehow it diffused some of the stories you’ve heard about Lagos.


  • I am glad you enjoyed your stay. lol at the mobile phones thingy, i have 2 and thinking of adding… ehem…*clears throat* I was thinking of getting a free book too or is it only Loy who’s qualified

  • @segebee – you can get a free copy of the emarketing book in pdf format here

    and the Springleap tshirt I gave away at BarCamp Nigeria here

  • Hi rafiq,

    I see you rocked lagos with technology! Naija is the place to be! you didnt miss out tho! bt would have placed you in right hands(naija women) lol, would hit you up shortly.


  • Lanre Dahunsi

    Nice One Bro.,it was nice to have you guys (U and Justin) all the way from SA.Hope you had a nice time in lagos and hope to see more of you.
    Cheers…See U @ D Top.

  • Rafiq, where are the pictures? Please publish more comrade for those like myself who were not able to attend to at least have an idea what Nigeria looks like…and see more of their blogging community.

  • Rafiq, could you email me the theme or point me to where I could download it? 😉 Thanks so much.

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