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chris stranex

Pictured above with his R100 000 cheque is Chris Stranex winner of the Mxit PC client contest. Congrats to him and all the other finalists… I won’t go into details about the event, maybe later, let’s give the other media types a chance to get their info out.

Details on the MXit PC client that won Chris Stranex the R100k can be found on the Mxit devzone wiki
Source code is included in the download packs


  • Python 2.6
  • PyGTK 2.11+
  • GTK2

Optionally the following are suggested:

  • Audiere and PyAudiere
  • libnotify (Linux only)
  • python-notify (Linux only)
  • gtkspell – 1

Windows Users

Installers are provided for PyGTK, Audiere, Numpy (required by Audiere) Python and GTK in the ‘depends’ directory. Please install Python and GTK first before running the other installers. You can now run BlendIt.
1 –

Running BlendIt

BlendIt works out of it’s own directory (ie: You don’t need to install).

Under Linux or Mac OS X you may simply run ‘./’ or ‘python’

Windows users can either just run ‘’. There is a shortcut logo in the image directory if you wish to make a shortcut.


Every effort has been made to ensure cross-platform compatibility. However, it is possible that some minor issues may be experienced under Windows. This should only affect the graphical operations of BlendIt.

BlendIt has NOT been tested on Mac OS X. It is possible for BlendIt to run on Mac provided the user installs GTK2 on the system. More information on how to install GTK might be obtained here:

Here’s the press release…
Durban programmer wins R100 000 for developing top MXit PC client application

More interesting Mxit news if you weren’t following my live twitter stream…

  • Every second 500 users are logging into Mxit
  • Mxit 5.9 coming soon with social networking capabilities
  • mxit pidgin is out!
  • Blogging coming to mxit too, micro-blogging ?

Final thoughts… Your Web AddiCT blogs, he doesn’t write columns.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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