Big Brother Africa: The Revolution

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The left eye is watching you
The left eye is watching you
Big Brother Africa 4: The Revolution has just hit the airwaves and is gonna be available to the rest of the wwworld online at the official site as soon as they’ve got the bugs fixed. I’ve chatted to one of the Project Managers on the BBA4 web team and they’re wwworking on the problem as I type this. Here’s a screenshot of the new Big Brother Africa site for your viewing pleasure until it comes back up.

As with all Big Brother series, Big Brother Africa: The Revolution will include surprises and unexpected innovations. However there are several main differences in the series. In addition to a completely redesigned eye logo and new host Ikponmwosa “I.K.” Osakioduwa, the prize money on offer has now doubled and is USD 200 000. The house will be renovated and will include almost double the number of cameras and microphones. Further, the search for housemates has been expanded from 12 countries to now include 14 countries. Plus the old rules concerning ‘conspiracy in the house’ have been lifted and housemates can now form alliances and discuss their game strategy openly. Even the voting in the new season is set to undergo a complete transformation. This year, audiences will be asked to vote for the housemates they want to see remain in the series rather than the housemates they want to see leave the series. So it’s all about being positive and keeping the great players in the game.

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Big Brother Africa screenshot
Big Brother Africa screenshot

  • I didn’t quite get what the bug is Rafiq.

    • All i know is that it was technical problems that caused the BBA4 site to #fail

  • Hi big Bro,

    the revolution is going to make us become rebels to the show.we are getting tired of seeing boys in their side and girls in the make the matter worst we don’t have the choice of which side to watch.can you get another channel for the girls at Mnet?girls are not creative….just keep on watching photos…blablabla…can’t they even do dance competition?

  • grace slim

    i like bigbrothr 2 kep phlip and kalvin back in d hous the shuld not nominate them out and i like philip so much im praying 4 him 2 get d moneiand he shld be veri careful in all wht he is doing.

  • grace slim

    big bro tell philip dat i wil alwz vote 4 him becuz he is so genorus and tel him he shld stop smokin i mean fine guyz like him dnt smk so tel him dat and he shuld not qurrel and 4 d gilz d 2 shuld be seruz in d huse.

  • Natalie Lukwesa

    I think the botwanas boy is very internening in the house. Big can you please mix the guys and the girls together so that the show can be very interesting because the guys are so boring sometimes.

  • gugs

    africa the smokers need to go they don’t respect to be in the house. out one by one or should i say prick by prick!!!!

  • gugs

    filbert out and soon your crew will follow

  • gugu

    how can the smokers expect to win when they offend women need to know your game females out number males and they have pissed off all house wives who r glued to their screens 24/7

  • Anonymous

    i love kevin so much and i think he is cool. all my 9ja ppl call 07066815083 if u are a revolution fan and lets discuss big time. love u

  • Anonymous

    every one its i love u africa and i love all kevin fans.

  • Anonymous is back and i hope all kevin fans are doing good. love u all stay cool and i really nd trully trully hate paloma ihope she goes out on sunday.

  • Anonymous

    Jakob is the wonderfull man in my life the one who having a confidence ,because all african tradition and culture its diferent from Ethiopia. Thats why he jAKOBE explainnig by confidence about the calander about 13 months of sunshine .

    FINALLY I said he is number one from all contenders.WONDERFULL!!!!!! JAKOB DJ FROM SOUTH AFRICA……



  • Anonymous

    Thnk God black Jesus is out, its like he saw crocodile while he ws bathing coz he smelz

  • Anonymous

    l love kristal so much.l dnt knw why pple hate her.pliz vote for quistal africa

  • zanny

    Eizabeth is such a bore on the house shew must go. how can she accuse Itai of such crap. i hate you girl

  • stelina

    ikenna ur so out like right now ikemna ouuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttikena outtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttikennna outtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • Anonymous

    Mzamo does not represent africa,she is so ghetto. Please get her out of the house at all cost. She has vitrue.
    Itai is so desperate, he can do anything to get the money. He doesn’t help with any chores in the house.
    Nkenna is nothing but a glutton and a witch who destroy good relationships & sucesses.
    Eddie is too old and he is a back-stabber . Kevin,Geraldine,Emma & Leonel are cool for the revolution.

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