Motorola CLIQ Android phone demo

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The next Android phone to get Web AddiCT(s); drooling is the Motorola CLIQ Android.

motorola cliq andoid with motoblur
motorola cliq andoid with motoblur

The CLIQ’s key Features are:

  • 3G and WiFi
  • 5 megapixel autofocus camera
  • Full HTML web browser
  • Always backed up and secure
  • Sync your contacts, feeds and social network updates with MOTOblur.

Watch the video demo…

MOTOBLUR lets you stream your emails and social networks into one feed. And with a secure server as a backup, you’ll never really lose it. The Web has gone social now all the new phone are following suite.
Now everything is where you want it – in one place, on tap. Your friends, pics, emails, messages, and Facebook™, MySpace and Twitter happenings. Motorola CLIQ is the first phone to come with MOTOBLUR, the only service that can sync them all, with continuous updates and back ups. There are no logins or apps to open, and your data’s always safe. Talk about socialized.

I can like to have any of these new Android phones. Who the hell needs an iPhone 3GS? More about the Motorola CLIQ here

  • Nick

    I’m thinking that the ripped off the Sense UI that HTC included in the Hero and did a bad job of it. MotoBlur does have more social integration, but it does not look as polished as HTC Sense. HTC Source compares the two and points out the differences

  • ebz

    i lik tha way they do that right thurr right thurr.. lol i’m cereal