2go on your PC with Mpowerplayer

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UPDATE: The official 2go on your PC has launched get it here.

Want to run 2go on your pc? Similar to the old way of running MXit on your PC with Mpowerplayer you can do the same to run 2go on your PC.

Follow these three steps to run 2go on your Windows PC:

  1. Firstly you need to download Java. This is quite a big download so it might take a few minutes to download. Java is needed to run Mpowerplayer.
  2. Now download Mpowerplayer the java emulator.
  3. Then open wap.2go.co.za and download Nokia Generic

You will now be able to run 2go on your pc. Are there any alternative to running 2go on your pc than using Mpowerplayer?

UPDATE: The official 2go on your PC has launched get it here.

  • help me to load 2go on my pc

  • Vernon

    It doesn’t work. Tried and failed. Can only run mixit from it

    • Simon1988

      it is for phone and not computer

      • Eniolaogunjimi

        r u really sure it  is 4 fone nd nt 4 computer

  • Anonymous

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    • Sia Geeboy

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  • ManKay

    Still doesn’t work, anyone with a better option?

    • Chris Aphiwebiyela

      u wanted to run mxit on ur PC…it’s easy

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  • Jmurayah

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  • Kobusberning

    ok i am trying to download 2go via pc witch is also like mxit error occurs my nokia generic isnt available witch 1 do i use

    • Fear

      use generic closest to ur nokia make

      • Mrbaasie

        Where can I download Nokia Generic?

  • tech_kno_nought

    HELP!!! I only get as far as downloading mpowerplayer and then im stuck. When i try download 2go from wap.2go.co.za it says 2go is an application for your mobile. Mpowerplayer doesnt have 2go under its application list ONLY Mxit so now….? help?

  • Trish

    not working

  • lenny blanc elix

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  • Wreubenkinuthia

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    • Uzuchukwudi

      is 2go working on ur pc?
      if yes plz tell me hw.
      uzuchukwudi@ymail.com is my email add

    • Chindbaby_01

      dats jst wat i was trying 2 do,but i dnt evn no wen i get 2 dis site.evn i dnt no d site name.

  • Eunice

    how do i downloade it on my phone

    • mr. juli


    • Cangalusanda325

      id love to know nam yaz

    • Eniolaogunjimi

      easy,u can go 2 http://www.2go.com den it shows u 2go-download den u click 2 it den it tell u 2 choose ur country,ur fone model den wrute d fone number u use 2 open d acct nd password den download

  • Nwabisa

    Hey im trying 2 download 2go on my PC,but its givin me problems any who can help

    • Sia Geeboy

      we hv a same problem, dont stress

    • Lastmonc

      Hey Nwabisa, download mpowerplayer (make sure you have java installed on your PC). then download opera mini.jar to your computer from a site like getjar.com. open opera mini using mpowerplayer, and once it has loaded (search for 2go just like you would on your phone’s browser. with that you should be able to download 2go. then open 2go.jad with mpowerplayer and VOILA!
      (However, to browse using 2go, I had to use my phone as a modem. it did not accept me to browse using my wireless network. I had to use my local phone network-which is quite frustrating) Enjoy

      • Piranha

        thanx a million. very helpful indeed! God bless you!

        • Eniolaogunjimi

          tanxs alot

      • Martotugi

        Lastmonc!!u r the man(or woman)lol

      • Manrichy

        i am still struggling to download nokia generic. please help

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  • Manqandhasithole

    am tryn 2 download it but it does not work,on my samsung SGH L 700

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    i suffer b4 i register

  • Mrbaasie

    I can’t download the Nokia generic thing? PLease help

    • Manrichy

      did you get help? i am still having the problem with that generic thing

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  • Sia Geeboy

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    • Sia Geeboy

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  • Stephen

    was told on the site that 2go is only for my mobile phone. I need a 2go on my PC

    • Nyameka None

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  • were did i want to get 2go on pc…..?

    • Joelex28

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  • Omar

    its kinda hard for me to download 2go on my PC using mpowerplayer.which is the easiest way?

  • idara fabian

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  • Irishlad23

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  • Yanga gapani

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  • Mtuwo

    2go does not work

  • Finest_94

    how do i download nokia generic

  • Joecute2envy

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  • Joecute2envy


  • kellz114

    i doesent work its not on there only mxit works

  • Bella939

    oh my word…why does it notwork on my pc!!! 🙁

    • Lastmonc

      Hey Bella, download mpowerplayer (make sure you have java installed on your PC). then download opera mini.jar to your computer from a site like getjar.com. open opera mini using mpowerplayer, and once it has loaded (search for 2go just like you would on your phone’s browser. with that you should be able to download 2go. then open 2go.jad with mpowerplayer and VOILA!
      (However, to browse using 2go, I had to use my phone as a modem. it did not accept me to browse using my wireless network. I had to use my local phone network-which is quite frustrating) Enjoy

  • George Jenkins0708

    how do i download 2go via mpowerplayer? plz help

  • sniper

    try micro enumarator

  • Evansrutoh

    guyz, i finally cracked it!!!!this is ho you do it.
    1.google mpowerplayer and download it to your computer.
    2. go to operamini.com and download the mobile browser(not the computer version) : for my case i chose my phone to be a nokia version.
    3. once finished downloading open the mobile browser using mpowerplayer and go to 2go.co.za
    4. you will notice that now the website identifies your computer as a mobile phone since you are using a mobile phone browser to access it.
    5. now download 2go to your computer using the normal way you would do on your phone (remember to continue using mpowerplayer.
    6. oncer 2go is saved on your computer you can now open it using mpowerplayer and you are ready to go!!
    thanks guyz, email me for comments or if it doesnt work at evansrutoh@gmail.com
    thanks guyz!

    • Jo

      You the man. It works like charm.

    • zeek

      .” once finished downloading open the mobile browser using mpowerplayer and go to ”
      when i open the browser using mpowerplayer it downlowds to a certain poit and stop saying “unable to download application ?????

    • Lastmonc

      I managed to download 2go on my pc and have used it to chat. however,
      why doesnt it run using my network? It only uses my networks internet
      service (safaricom) and not my wireless. Please lemme know if there
      magic i still need to apply. Tharta, kapsa. Kongoi


      • kuche

        How did u manage to download 2go on your pc?

    • Piranha

      thanx a million. you are a life saver! God bless you!

    • Uzuchukwudi

      plz help me out.using windows vista.hv downloaded java n mpowerplayer n operamini for nokia 5300

    • Neptunes

      It did not work,i tried it several times on my pc after downloading everything.i tried opening operamini on mppowerplayer but it did not open…i do not think it can ever work on a pc….All this are lies

    • Siphesihle Jonas

      Uhm.. it works perfectly however id doesnt want to connect.. does the same shit when I dont have airtime.. HELP.. it doesnt want to connect

  • Precious

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  • Tuk2amii4

    pls help, mpowerplayer was unable to launch after on my pc downloading it, what do i do? i hv installed java.

  • There is now an official and much easier way of getting 2go on your PC. UPDATE: The official 2go on your PC has launched get it here.

  • bright

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    • Why not read the start of or end of the 2 year old article that states: UPDATE: The official 2go on your PC has launched get it here. ?

      Why? Tell me why?

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