Activating your Standard Bank Credit Card for Foreign travel?

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You use to have to call the Standard Bank Fraud helpline on 0800301450 if you wanted to activate your Standard Bank Credit Card for foreign travel. Your Web AddiCT will be traveling to New York City this weekend for SMXEast and am planning to do a bit of shopping.

The old way to activate your credit card with Standard Bank for traveling outside South Africa would be to:

  1. Call the helpline
  2. Give them your details and when and where you will be traveling
  3. Answer a few security questions

Calling Standard Bank’s fraud line to activate your CC was toll-free but will be discontinued soon. They will now only be accepting email requests for traveling abroad and using your credit card..

This is what you must do before going overseas:

  1. Send an email from the email address you receive internet banking updates from to with when and where you will be traveling to.

Activating your Standard Bank credit card for transactions in a foreign country has become as easy as sending one email :).

Quick Tip: Using Bitcoin is cheaper when traveling instead of Forex and you do not need anyone’s permission to use your own currency ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  • Don Grierson

    I am slowly becoming more and more fed-up with Standard BAnk’s service, and this method of authorising your credit card for overseas travel is the last straw. I have send 3 messages to Falconforeigntravel over the last 3 days, and only received an automated reply. Tried call-center, fraud-center and you-name-it numbers (including a wrong number posted on a reply from Std Bank on Hellopeter, with no success. Today, out of sheer desperation, I went to my branch, and the manager was able to get my card aurhorised within 2 minutes. My questions are: 1. What if I do not have access to e-mail, 2. what if I had applied 1 day before travelling – would it have neen too late? (See Hellopeter – Guy’s complaint). This is just no acceptable any more. As much as not even being able to phone your local branch (the omnipotent Call-Center prevent you doing that!). I wonder whether I will ever get a positive reply from Falcon Foreign Travel (who ARE they anyway?? – I certainly can’t find out!), or will I find that when I get to my destination, my card will be blocked?? Enough!

    • Jaxbox

      Don’t even think of getting a travel wallet then. I was stranded in New York last year an inactivated Standard Bank Travel Wallet. After calling the help number on the card, I was put on hold for half an hour, transferred from one department to the next and eventually informed that no-one could help me. Eventually my brother went to the relevant branch in Cape Town to sort things out and was promised that my card would be activated the following day. After a few more days nothing happened, so he went to see them again – only to find out they had not sent off the relevant documents. I eventually got my money 2 weeks after my arrival… There should be recourse for such shitty service.

  • Deon Potgieter


  • Jaxbox

    It would also help if you got the spelling of the email addres right. It should read: