How free is Vodacom News4u (spam)?

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Your Web AddiCT has been a Vodacom subscriber for many years now but every couple of days I receive an MMS from Vodacom News4u. I have been inquiring about changing my contract, because International roaming never works on a Business TopUp contract package, which they have not allowed me to do. Why doesn’t Business TopUp international roaming never work? ‘Cos it pre-paid with a fancy name. Vodacom do not have the right agreements in place with nearly enough mobile service providers internationally that caters for pre-paid users. Every time I go overseas I have to purchase another sim card juts to be able to make a few calls and send text messages. Luckily there are many sites available in South Africa to send a free sms when away from home.

Back to Vodacom News4u. Is it really for me? Every few days an MMS appears in my mobile inbox: Free News4u. With Breaking News, Local news, World News, Sports news, Financial Indicators, Weather,ย  ads on almost every page of news and a request to open your browser the the vcnews4u Mobi site.

Hey Vodacom, why don’t you pay me for the ads that get displayed in that MMS?

  1. I never subscribed to Vodacom News4u
  2. The ads displayed are add to your competition and other ‘value’ add services I have no interest in.
  3. Opening that Vodacom News4u mobi URL will cost me data that is not free.

Then there is Vodacom23.

Make that Summer Connection & U could share in R27mil with Vodacom! Call ur boss, ur buddy or ur boet! the more calls u make- all at normal rates- the better ur chances to win R100 airtime a minute, R100000 a day or R1mil a week ’til20Dec! SMS OUT to 30699 (free) to stop Summer promo messages. T&C apply

All i got out of that was SMS OUT to 30699.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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