Adgator goes PPC with Addynamo

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This was recently announced by Justin Hartman, Afrigator MD. Adgator has partnered with PPC advertising company Addynamo to offer PPC ads when there is no inventory for CPM display ads from Adgator. It is only available to the Top 25 blogs on Adgator.

Read the rest of this entry for a full explanation of how this works and the revenue you could possibly be earning from your blog on Adgator.

Let me cut to the chase as I know your time is precious. Your site is in the top 25 list of sites on Adgator in terms of total traffic. This means you generate a lot of traffic and what you’ll also know is that Adgator hasn’t monetised all of your traffic and in most cases we’ve only monetised some of your local SA traffic – this is a thing of the past.

As of this evening I’m pleased to inform you that your site has been activated with Cost Per Click (CPC) ads powered by Addynamo in addition to the normal Cost Per Thousand (CPM) ads powered by Adgator. Over the last few weeks we have been in negotiations with the Addynamo guys and as of 1 December Adgator is now a premium publisher on Addynamo.

In case you didn’t know Addynamo is a new South African startup that aims to compete head on with Google Adsense. We are big supporters of anything local and I’m extremely pleased that we were able to broker this deal with the team at Addynamo.

So what does this mean for you? Well, effective now you will start to see CPC ads being served along with our Adgator ads. This means that when Adgator doesn’t have a paid CPM ad to serve on your site, or if you have International visitors coming along, we’ll serve up your unique Addynamo code instead which means you’ll always be serving ads that pay you. Gone are the days of the default “Advertise on this blog” banners.

Because Adgator is a premium publisher with Addynamo we’ve negotiated a starting cost per click of R3.00 and this has the potential of rising depending on bids on ads for your site. As with the normal Adgator 50%-50% split you will make a minimum of R1.50 for each click on the Addynamo ads. If you’re already a member of Addynamo or would like to join yourself there is no need to worry either. You can still maintain your current Addynamo ads or alternatively join independently however you’ll notice that your cost per click will be lower because premium publishers command a higher cost per click.

However, I do need to tell you that this is all still very much under development and we’re busy working out all the functionality. In particular we’re working with the guys at Addynamo on pulling in the clicks and revenue information into your Adgator dashboard and until that’s completed we’ll have to manually input your earnings at the end of the month. We could have waited till this was all completed but we figured you’d want to maximise your earning potential immediately which is why only the top 25 guys have access to this right now. We are going to be working with you to get everything ironed out and I hope that you understand that it’s a work in progress.

If you have any questions about this or you’d like to perhaps change the colour-scheme of your Addynamo ads please get in touch with us.

Justin Hartman
MD, Afrigator Internet (Pty) Ltd

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now 🗺️

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