How To Migrate Nokia Address Book to Google Android for Free

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You’ve been using Nokia phones most of your life so whenever you changed mobile phones from one Nokia to another you could transfer all your contacts from your old Nokia (Nokia 6110 Navigator)  to your new Nokia (Nokia N97). Now all of a sudden you’ve discovered the wonders that are Google Android phones and syncing contact from Nokia to Android is not that easy. Your Web AddiCT has found a way to Sync Nokia contacts with Google Android contacts for free using a Mac running Snow Leopard.

So you have an Old Nokia Phone with all you contacts, a MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard and a new phone running Google Android. This is the software you require to sync them all (Nokia, Mac, Google Android) without having to pay for any additional software.

  1. A Google account (free)
  2. iSync for mac that will sync your Mac address book with your Nokia Contacts (free)
  3. Sync your Nokia with your Mac Address book
  4. Sync your Mac Address Book with your Google Account
  5. Sync Google Android Contacts with your Google Account.

A Google account

If you use any Google service like Google Reader, Adwords, Analytics or Gmail you already have a Google Account. Google Accounts are free. If you do not have on simple go to and create an account.

iSync for Mac

iSync helps you synchronize the data of your compatible Nokia phone and Mac. Download iSync for Mac free and be sure to have the additional plugins installed for certain Nokia mobile phone devices. You can check your Nokia’s requirements on the iSync download page.

Sync your Nokia with your Mac Address book

Now that iSync is installed pair your Nokia with your MacBook using Bluetooth. All your Nokia contacts will now be synchronized with your Mac address book.

Sync your Mac Address Book with your Google Account

Since Mac OS X Snow Leopard you are able to Sync your address book with any Google Account. Open your Address Book on your mac where you will see all your contacts that have been synced from your Nokia. Go to Address Book >> Preferences and click the Accounts icon. Tick the Synchronize with Google box then click the configure button. Now enter your Google account address and password. Once this is complete Synchronize your address book on your Mac with your Google Account. Depending on how many contacts you have on your Mac or Google account this might take some time.

Sync Google Android Contacts with your Google Account.

On your Android phone open the Gmail application and enter you Google Account address and password. Now go to Settings >> Data Synchronization >>Contacts. This will now sync your contacts on your Google Phone with your Google Account. I suggest doing this over Wifi as it will probably consume a few MB of 3G data. If your contacts on your Android phone are now filled with people who you only contact via email simply select ‘Contacts with phone numbers’ and then OK. This will only display those contact on your Andoid phone who your have telephone number for.

That’s it. You have now synced your Nokia contacts with your Android phone contacts using free applications on your Mac and a little bit of time. This is way easier than manually entering all your old contact one at a time and your contact will stay updated forever.