MXit Evo – The new @MXit PC client

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Installing MXit Evo on your Windows PC
Installing MXit Evo on your Windows PC

MXit PC client have evolved from complicated emulators running the Java app that was meant for your phone to the crowd sourced MXit PC client that won a devloper loads of cold hard cash and a job at MXit. You Web AddiCT has just been informed of a New MXit PC client called MXit Evo. Here are some screen shots of the new MXit PC client that works on Windows only…


Login to MXit Evo
Login to MXit Evo

If you’d like to download the new version of MXit Evo, post a comment below and I’ll mail you the link. It’s still in beta so will only share the download URL to the setup.exe when I’ve been given the OK. There is some more MXit news on the horizon so stay tuned over the next couple of days. Why is this important? Ask 17 million people that ๐Ÿ™‚


Download MXit evo here:

  • I currently use Pidgin, with the mxit plugin. I’m online permanently when I’m at work. I’m not constantly chatting, but it’s quite useful when my girlfriend needs to get hold of me quick, she knows I’ll be online.

    • I’m guessing Pidgin works well. MXit evo also allows you to be online all the time at your PC.

  • Brilliant to see this post on web addicts ๐Ÿ™‚

    I was one of the lead developers for Evo, and its great to finally have released it to the public. I hope everyone enjoys using it as much as I did making it – even though at times I wanted to pull my hair out ๐Ÿ˜›

    • ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Anonymous

      I find it hard to believe you developed Evo and yet happy that a beta has been leaked.

      • A beta release doesn’t get “leaked”, it’s freely available to the public for people who are willing to endure any possible issues before an official release is made.

        • Anonymous


          Actually at MXit we don’t normally release any beta stage programs to the public. We have a Beta tester group. However since seeing this post it was confirmed that a decision to silent release the client had been made.

          Should you have any quries or bugs please report them at the forum by following this link

          Also have a look at the Evo web client.



          • No worries cleftangels,

            I’m a developer at MXit, created the Windows Mobile client, and currently develop all services. MXit Evo was released as a public beta as with previous pc clients.

            Evo web client:



            Dax Frost

            • Anonymous

              LOL yeah rather embarrasing. MXitInsiders, Da Twista, F2006 & Hex Caliber only found out 2 days later after the silent release.

              • Most likely our fault for not keeping everyone in the loop as usual ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • Desiree Petersen4

              hi i have installed mxit evo but i cannot add any contacts, is says that contact does not exit what can i do.

            • Juan

              Hi, i have windows 7 and when I try and install mxit evo it fails with and without my internet on. email me aย solution @

    • Taryn

      Evo doesnt seem to work on my pc, i have windows 7 starter could that be the problem? It doesnt show the chatacter string and it says ‘cannot connect to server’ when i am connected to the wi-fi and have still got cap left.

      Help! Please!

      • Pieter

        Are you certain you have international bandwidth left? Does clicking this URL give you a text response? Also check that you don’t have a firewall that’s blocking connections. If you know how, you can run the following two commands from the command line: telnet 9119 and telnet 80

    • Mpanganez

      my laptop does nt instyall mxit evo

  • I’m using both MXit PC as well as Pidgin on my notebook at work and home. Both of them work fine and I would love to have a try at this Beta version of Mxit EVO. I’m following your site on twitter and Facebook.

    Keep up the good work.

  • louis

    i would like to try the new mxit evo (beta) how or where do i get it

  • The MXit Evo URL will be revealed soon ๐Ÿ™‚ stay tuned

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  • Anonymous

    This client is still in beta stage and should not be downloaded. It still has bugs and I would not suggest normal users download it.

    MXit lifestyle will advise the general public when our new client is ready for public release.

    Keep your eyes peeled



  • Anonymous

    i love it

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  • Anonymous

    great! please send me the link!

  • justin

    i’d like to try evo

  • Anonymous

    i would just like a mxit pc version that works. does the subscriber we use affect the ability to log in whenever the netwok experiences problems?

    • Like anything that relies on an internet connection, if your experiencing internet problems, MXit evo or MXit PC won’t work.

  • Anonymous

    my daughter had mxit running on my pc, worked fine until i restored the machine due to explorer problems. we cannot get mxit to load with any success, tried pidgin, mxit for pc, will not open the application…..HELP!!! this child is driving me crazy!

  • Pieter

    Just to update this thread. The MXit EVO suite has been released. It consists of a PC client, re-developed from scratch, and a webchat client, which can be added to any website. See and

  • Anonymous

    I would really like the mxit EVO link i am on pidgin

  • ben

    hey i just downloaded mxit evo but whenever i try and add a new contact it says ‘something went wrong. please try again later’. Does anyone know wats wrong or how i can fix it?

    • Pieter

      There is a bug in the current version where you’ll get this message when it should be saying that the user doesn’t exist. Are you sure this potential contact exists? Are you adding by mobile number or login name?

      • blah

        Hi,ive just downloaded evo aswell and i had the very same msg coming up,so sumhow i cannot add any of my contacts,ive tried both mobile & usernames,but still nothing…Could someone plz assist me with this matter,it would be much appreciated.Thnx.

        • Desiree Petersen4

          hi i am having the same problem, was yours sorted out already

  • Amb

    um so i have been using it for like 3 months. and now wen i try open it… it says it cannot run and i must contact the manufacturer. help????

    • Pieter

      Which version of EVO do you have (that you can remember, since you can’t run it)? Have you installed any Windows updates and which Windows version are you using? Have you tried to uninstall en re-install EVO? You can visit for more help.

  • Anonymous

    Wanna try it

  • Neil

    Doesn’t seem to work on Windows 7 64-bit – when you try to minimise the window it crashes… Just as unreliable as the old MXit PC client… Back to Pidgin…

  • nondumiso zulu

    sounds cool to me

  • Gail

    I am battling to get mixit on my pc so whatever works will work for me. Please assist.
    Thanks Gail

    • Hi Gail

      I’ve given up on using MXit’s own PC clients which never seem to work properly. You can instead access MXit from a PC very nicely through the free open source Pidgin program, which has got support for MXit built in – just add an Account for yourself with your MXit id and you’ll be up! You can download Pidgin here:

      cheers, Neil

      • Trevor344

        Hi Guys,

        Check out daxtop, its another new alternative lightweight MXit client… I’m using it and much prefer it!


    • Pieter

      Hi Gail, if you could give us some details, we could look into the issue. It would help us to know which platform you’re on (Windows XP, Vista or 7), where you downloaded from and what error you got. We are aware of some issues on Windows 7 where it seems to crash (in actual fact, Windows 7 tries to detect hanging applications, but it errs in some cases). And yes, there are other bugs that we’re ironing out. We made a new release this week, so you could give it a go. Remember that we offer different applications for different targets users — it’s in many cases not fair to compare applications, because they were built with different intentions. With EVO you’ll get a better MXit experience, but Pidgin will allow you integrate other IMs you use. Of course, if you strictly use MXit for chatting, then almost any client will do.

  • raeesah mulla

    i have been trying to get mxit evo for soooolong now but it just dosen’t register me any advice i have downloaded it like 10 time as well

  • kim Filippa

    HI… i would like to get the latest version… or best version of Mxit! help! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • PlaGeRan

    I have tried downloading this and every time I end up with this “Casals 2.1.6” which clearly isn’t Mxit Evo. Has anyone got the correct mirror / url for Evo?

  • Princess Palestine

    ive been havn trubbl dwnloadn mxit….. ive tryd evrythn….. evn email mxt support…. no luk…… m gettn angry lol sum1 help

  • litish

    i thhink mxit evo is aswsm bt somehow i deletd it an nw i struggle 2 gt it downloaded again bt it is da best mxit iv’e ev aused

  • Matthew

    im tryna use this mxit but i cnt seem to get it ryt

  • Cross

    For me, both Evo and pidgin aren’t workin……Evo can’t be installed and pidgin can’t go through to the mxit server…………what can I do? to make it work…..either 1?

  • Ishez9

    i hev windows 7 and i stil cant dwnload mxit pc

  • Bothajoey667

    like it

  • Shawn

    I have downloaded mixit evo many time but keeps on asking for sentinel v 3.5 have installed the .Net Framwork v3.5 still not working

  • Angelgrl86

    I seem to have some difficulty downloading mxit evo, it keeps saying cannot connect to server, mitht that be because it might be blocked by IT at work or is there something else wrong. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • Mariliedereuck

    cant wait to start mxiting

  • Ylatan06

    why am i unable to add contacts via mxit evo?

  • Andrea


  • Perks


  • Jeeperzcreeperz01


  • Meggiemoo Clarkson

    I <3 mxit pc!!

  • Kay

    I’m new to the whole mxit thing, so thought i’d give it a go

  • Florence1

    i like it because im able to chat to my friends at less and get to meet new people.

  • Peter

    i’m hoping to like this page.

  • M.C.G

    How do you add a contact that uses mxit on their phone when you are using Mxit EVO on the PC?

  • Rachel Baxter

    mxit rocks!!!!!!

  • Debbie

    i need to downlaod mxit now please

  • 2750360

    plz email link to



  • Js Andre

    Help me to download mxit evo please

  • Ashfak Sifat

    Can i connect with Mobile MXit user by MX it EVO?

  • 530d

    mxit evo rocks

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  • Cathy nel

    want to download mxit

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  • Amy’Lee

    I think this is a very good idea. I’m constantly on mxit and cannot take it when one is disconnected via phone mix. I love the fact that I can chat to my online friends 24/7. Amy’Lee

  • bobby


  • Chane

    Hi I think this is awsome!!!!!!

  • philani

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  • Lomo Mongezi

    hi guys this awesome

  • Holmes720

    I,v heard lots aBouT the new mxit… and i hear its so coOl… mxit is just getTing betTer and betTer thanx alota ?(^?^)?

  • Juan

    Hi, i have windows 7 and when I try and install mxit evo it fails with and without my internet on. email me aย solution @ย 

  • Ndozlin

    want to download mxit

    • ANDILE007


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  • Ccpchantepedro

    OOOh I CaNT wAIT tO gO i havent been on In a lOng time

  • Kami Govinden

    When is mxit Version 6 coming out on pc???

  • Zaffarvyadally

    thank you!

  • Cindyjoyhughes

    how do i add mxit plugin to my pidgin.

  • Magagulasimphiwe

    y i cnt download it

  • Rodney Simons

    I would like to use mxit on my pc

  • Nkuluh-nf

    im loading it,i never use it hope it goes well.

  • Adrianrozant

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  • mawilla

    I’m interested so much to have mxit evo in my pc…so sent me the link,i wana chat so i’l b savin enaf battery in ma phone

  • Teka2mre

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  • Mzua Duaser

    im using facebook with mxit app. and its sucks because i cant get to mxit without facebook

  • Irvine mabaso


  • Irvine mabaso

    I need to download the new mxit vision, help me pliz thank u.

  • Tjalubane

    I have had mxit for a while and I need it more now since I am staying far from friends but it doesn’t allow me to log in. So I want to get a new one and I need help in that department

  • Stranger2u

    can u send me the links please (for mxit evo)

  • sher

    i hope this app can help me because my mxit evo does not want to open at all.and i enjoyed it so much

  • Sam

    I think I am addicted to Mxit, But i found it hard to download on my pc….So Sad!


    i wud like 2 download

  • slindy charlotte

    i would like to have mxit on my laptop but i dnt knw how, cn u plz help me