New Local List project conceived at Geek Retreat

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This is a guest post by Jason Adriaan. Jason Adriaan, is a young online budding entrepreneur and founder of powered by ISLabs. Jason currently studies at the University of Cape Town but originally from a small town called Hankey 75km from Port Elizabeth. Through Local List he aims to bring broadband connectivity to people around South Africa.

Imagine a future in which even though can’t afford international internet, you still have unlimited access to a reservoir of local-only content and services. Imagine connecting your businesses, your schools, your students, your peers on a local network freely, cheaply and with no bandwidth restrictions. No need to imagine it, it is a reality… and almost no one knows about it.

Local-only Internet emerged as a real solution to our connectivity problems in South Africa in 2006.
ICASA regulation demanded that ISPs stop charging people for the amount of bandwidth used when
connecting locally on ADSL lines.

Local List is a website I launched in late 2008 to make more people aware of the potential of local-only internet. My primary aim is to promote locally hosted websites and services and most of all bring broadband internet access to new demographics.

This past weekend I attended the Geek Retreat where we discussed education. I met up with some very smart people in the industry and we discussed ways on bringing educational content to schools and users at home. Local List is thus perfectly situated to deliver content to schools locally, effectively drastically reducing bandwidth costs and increasing access speeds for students.

Local List will be working hand in hand with Obami to deliver content, Guy Taylor from Telementra and content producers. Local List is a project powered by ISLabs.

Hope to show you guys the results soon.

Jason Adriaan

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Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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