101 SEO Common mistakes

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Over at Dave Naylor, Paul Capenter shares 101 SEO common mistakes. Here is listed 10 of my favourites of the of the 101 SEO common mistakes.

  1. Don’t believe everything you read on SEO blogs
  2. Treating onsite SEO as a ‘one-off’ project without a plan to regularly review the site – especially if your site has a high product or content rollover, or has big seasonal changes to push new messages and offers
  3. Failing to have any form of conversion tracking software on the site to see what keywords are the ones that you have to go after
  4. Choosing keywords from internal industry-speak rather than consumer-led terms with actual traffic
  5. Forgetting that 25% of all searches have never been seen before and that search queries are typically much longer than single words
  6. Duplicated meta descriptions, which encourage Google to create their own snippets which can be nonsensical and harm clickthrough rates
  7. Placing a large block of keyword-stuffed “seo content” a mouse scroll below the footer on the home page
  8. Using toolbar PageRank to determine the value of a link in isolation, without considering the content of the page, quality of the domain etc
  9. Not redirecting URLs to a canonical domain – leading to huge duplicate content issues
  10. Not ensuring that SEO recommendations are implemented as fully as possible

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