The Winner of the OpenMoko is…

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We gave you the opportunity to enter the win a Google Android phone contest right here about a month ago. Today we announce the  winner. There were 4 ways you could enter the contest to win.

  1. Post a comment on the competition post. 63 comments were recorded.
  2. Sending a tweet. 131 entries were received via Twitter.
  3. Join the Web AddiCT(s); facebook fan page. 318 fans were eligible.
  4. Writing a blog post linking to the OpenMoko competition page

By‘ly selecting a number between 1 and 4 the number 4 was selected and thus one of you who wrote a blog post was then selcted using the same process.

And the winner is…

First, the contestants:

  1. Aslam Levy
  2. Nighthawk
  3. iGeek
  4. Yusuf K
  5. iGeek (again)
  6. Captain Awesome. then selected a number from 1 to 6 and the winner of the OpenMoko Neo Freerunner is…


Congrats to Captain Awesome!
Congrats to Captain Awesome!

Could Captain Awesome please make contact. I’d like to get your open source mobile phone to you ASAP. Thanks to all of you who entered.  Look out for more contests coming to this blog soon.