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How To Send 40 free SMS/day – Vodacom

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You already know how to send the 20 free SMS messages from your cellular phone. You also know that if you’re a vodacom4me registered user you are anbe to send free MMS message from your cell phone too. Now, with the launch of the new Vodacom site you can send 40 free SMS messages from the web.

How do you send 40 free text messages to Vodacom do you ask? Easy! Just follow these steps…

If you already have a Vodacom4me account you will be familiar with the 20 free SMS option available via their website.

Vodacom4me Free SMS

Now if you go to Vodacom.co.za and log in with the exact same mobile number and password as with Vodacom4me your will also be able to send another 20 free smses 🙂

Vodacom.co.za free SMS