Twitter Delayed Messages Warning

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You might have received an email that comes from with the Subject: Twitter 902-41. As you can see from this screenshot of my email it looks like the usual Twitter new follower or Twitter direct messages but beware the links to your delayed message is not a link to the Twitter site. DON’T click it!

Twitter Delated Messages spam
Twitter Delated Messages spam

If you click the link you’ll get this …

Twitter don't do delayed messages
Twitter don't do delayed messages


You have 3 delayed message(s)

The Twitter Team

  • It’d be great if everyone who click that link got that message, wouldn’t it?
    Which browser do you use? It must be an extension/plugin giving the warning message. Thanks for the heads up, btw.

  • Jen

    Hey, I just got one this morning too, only in the subject line it read: Undelivered Message 281-472

    This was my first twitter phishing email… usually they are made to look like them come from paypal or some bank. I always hover over the link and see where the url is going to … a dead giveaway!

    Those crooks!