5 ways to access twitter on your mobile phone

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As twitter continues to enjoy its exponential growth in 2010 , there are some mobile application developers who can only hope that, for the second quarter of the year, things get even better . That’s mainly because, mobile apps have recently become a “way of life” due to their ubiquity and huge potential as a possible revenue-generation stream for both developers and social entrepreneurs.

We all know that mobile is the future (at least in Africa), therefore an effective mobile app is more than just a form of validation. it has to have all the necessary elements, ie : usability , good design and it should convey a great user experience (among other things ) .

Yet, For those of us who don’t own an iphone or a blackberry , there are millions of apps out there which works even much better when it comes to accessing twitter on mobile phones. And even more excitingly , these apps are free of charge.

We’ve chosen to limit ourselves to 5 apps based on the three aforementioned factors,( usability , design and user experience). however, you can also add your (non-iphone and blackberry) favourite app by commenting on this post ๐Ÿ™‚

5) m.twitter.com

The most generic of them all with a simplest of user interfaces. Allows for retweeting, searching and trending topics. Even though you might be already using it, You should probably turn to it as your last resort .

4)Fringย  and Mxit.

they both allow to post updates to twitterย  . You can view other Twitter profiles, check-out your own followers and see whoโ€™s following you.

3)ย  m.slandr.net

although not an app per say, m.slandr.net allows to access twitter through a browser.ย  A few apps are capable of achieving more than just tweeting . But in that, as much else, m.slandr.net can be said to be an exception. An auto @ reply for easy replying . it also allows to send and receive direct messages.

2) dabr.co.uk

Much like m.slandr.net, dabr.co.uk also uses twitter’s APIย  and provides twitter access through a browser. automatically adds an “@” when you @reply. it has twitpic feature and even more interesting, it provides some stats about a particular user. Moreover, it shows the trending topics and allows for sending and receiving direct messages or DM as it’s known.

For instance, when you view somebody’s profile, it shows the number of followers a particular user has , the number of people he/she is following and even displays the actual date that particular user joined twitter.

1) Snaptu

Snaptu is a really remarkable application โ€” in a sense that, it creates apps within an app. This is achieved by taking websites and turning them into smaller apps that run within the parent app โ€” Snaptu. Not only does it allow quick and easy access to twitter, but to facebook and a number of news, weather sites. itย  has a feature for multiple twitter accounts incase you have more than one.

we recommend snaptu — try it out, you will probably enjoy it.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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