Jack Parow- I Miss (with lyrics)

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I you were like me, a kid born in the 80s, most of the Lyrics in the song ‘I Miss’ by Jack Parow will ring true.

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i miss two tone clothes from Andre Carl
i miss fokken early monday morning skoolsaal
i miss the parties when my parents where gone
i miss the days when the booze was still strong

i miss those hip high fullsuite bikinis
i miss mickey mouse shirts and polkadot minis
i miss the original indiana jones merch
i miss the duck from fokken telefun quiz
i miss early morning kaalvoet rugby
i miss kfc when it was still called kentucky
i miss days when i thought movies were real
i miss my ouma sitting reading danielle steel
i miss the first childs play and jurassic park
i miss jake the snake, gold dust and owen heart
i miss it and freddy and jason volies
i miss sneaking down the to tv and watching late night movies

bad old pussycat
whole day long
by the power of greyskull

i miss the students seats at newlands rugby park
i miss sleeping with the lights on because im scared at the dark
i miss leon schuster when he was still taking the piss
i miss screaming province with my hand in a fist
I miss doing cut and paste projects for school
I miss pollyotters and having braais by the pool
I miss Dinoryders, Bravestar and Bionic Six
I miss Cheers, Arende, Whoโ€™s the Boss and Wings
I miss puzzles with mom and playing with play dough
tell me โ€œwhere in the world is carmen sandiegoโ€
I miss giving girls lifts home on my poegie
I miss the days in Marcโ€™s car of just smoking and cruising
I miss the A Team and Murder She Wrote
I miss the days when I was still kak scared to smoke
I miss the days when special effects were hand made
when Francios Pienaar still played rugby and didnโ€™t eat Lays

thereโ€™s so much I miss from the old days
thereโ€™s so much that I learnt from the old ways
Another kid fokken raised by the 80’s
Kytie Kytie, jy was nie net n mytie
I was raise by girls in outfits and kop doeke
kaal bolyf, kla oortyd en kaal fokken voete
Dallas, Dynasty en Agter elke man
Kringe innie bos en Ballade vir n enkeling
Voortrekker camps and CSV kampe
Mufasa, Aladin, Bambi and Thumper
Klei lat, Swart Kat and self-built tree houses
no shoes, no worries, play holes in my trousers
thereโ€™s a lot of good things that happened back then
but I cant keep going on about way back when
so thatโ€™s enough of that, no way no how..
Cause Iโ€™ll miss all the shit that im doing right now

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ