5 things to do while Seacom is down

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This week has been really tough if you are one of those users reliant on a Seacom connection, the cable
which connects you to the world is down and will be for at least a few more days. So now you sit there with
absolutely no idea what to do… no worries! There is always the local internet.

Since I started Local List with help from ISLabs two years ago I have indexing local websites and services for
you to enjoy in times like these.

5.) Google and Bing

Both Google and Bing host locally, even though they won’t be able to help you much with regards to search
as the results will be international, they both still have an impressive list of product that you can access locally, for example Google Maps etc.

4.) Antfarm Radio streams like 5FM

I live in a place with terrible radio reception and almost exclusively stream Dj Fresh into my hear lobes, thus it’s very cool that they
host the audio stream locally, because not only can I use it when I am capped or Seacom is down, but it is also fast and uninterrupted due to locality.

3.) News24 and TimesLive

I religiously look at these two news sites all day, so the fact that they host locally is a life saver. All Media24 and Avusa sites are hosted in SA.

2.) Youtube and Metacafe

Yes, I’m not kidding you Youtube is hosted locally! You can now waste away your time watching videos for hours forgetting all together that Seacom is even down.
Who are you kidding, you know this is what you would have been doing even if Seacom wasn’t down.

1.) Facebook

The most popular social network on the planet is also locally hosted! I personally cannot live without checking FB every 5 seconds and even though Seacom is down
you can too! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hint: Just make sure you never log out because the log in requires you to have international access.

So now you have no reason to complain about Seacom being down, most of what you need is hosted locally anyway!

Check out Local List for more websites you can visit while Seacom is down.

This guest post was written by Jason Adriaan, founder of Local List.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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