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Want to send Bulk SMS messages from your WordPress blog? It is now possible to send text messages to your SMS subscribers using the International SMS Subscription Manager.

International SMS Subscription Manager is a WordPress plugin that allows you to place a widget on your blog through which readers can subscribe/unsubscribe their mobile numbers to receive SMS Text updates to their mobile phones.

Blog owners have the functionality to send out SMS Text messages to subscribed numbers through the WordPress dashboard and also manage their subscribed numbers and widget options from there.

Features include:

  • SMS subscribe/unsubscribe through a widget.
  • Ajax enabled widget (No page reloading)
  • Custom widget header and footer.
  • Send SMS Text Messages through WordPress dashboard.
  • IP tracking on who subscribed a mobile number.
  • Manage subscribed mobile numbers through WordPress dashboard.
  • International Number format eg. 27730000000 (country code + number with no leading zero)

See the widget in action on this blog is you want to subscribe to SMS alerts for when I run a competition again.

Wordpress SMS widget
Wordpress SMS Widget

When you’re logged into you WordPress dashboard you’ll be able to see how many subscribers you have and send a text to everyone simultaneously.

Send a Bulk SMS to your WordPress subscribers
Send a Bulk SMS to your WordPress subscribers

So how exactly would you use this plugin? Here are a few examples…

If you were a musician who uses WordPress and would like to notify your subscribers of your album launch or gig this weekend the plugin could be for you.

If you were a consultant who happened to have a blog, like most consultant these days do, you could notify your subscribers of when a new ebook or webinar is released via a SMS straight from WordPress.

I’m sure by now your get the idea of how this text messaging plugin works. It works in over 220 countries covering 800 networks thanks iGeek‘s innovative use of Clickatell’s bulk SMS Gateway. This plugin started out as an idea just 12 days ago.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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