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Do you prefer a Cell C PhotoCode or the tried and tested QR Code?

Web AddiCT(s); photocode
Web AddiCT(s); photocode


Web AddiCT(s) QR Code
Web AddiCT(s) QR Code

For obvious reasons the PhotoCode as pushed by Cell C in all forms of traditional media fits nicely with this blog’s style but Your Web AddiCT still prefers the QR Code that is used the world over.

What exactly is thsi Cell C PhotoCode? It is nothing new, its just being advertised like it is. Chris Mills explains more…

Whatโ€™s Cell C got for us?

Cell C will introduce PhotoCode to the public in conjunction with media partners, YOU, Huisgenoot, People, Sunday Times, The Times, 5FM, Multichoice and Oppikoppi and it will be will be rolled out further via retailers, restaurants and bars, amongst others.

Cell Cโ€™s PhotoCodes can unlock a host of new experiences for customers and Reichelt (Cell C CEO) says new applications are being devised almost daily. โ€œAll customers have to do is download the PhotoCode reader, then point and snap,โ€ he says.

I’m with Marc Forrest when he says…CellC gets it all wrong with Photocode

Photocode is a name they have used for what is essentially called BeeTaggCode. BeeTagg is a mobile application that you can download to your phone, which allows you to capture the popular 2D bar codes, including THEIR proprietary code, called BeeTaggCode.I have spoken about QR codes on my site a number of times, and while there are a number of formats you can use, QR code has by far been the most popular, around the world. The concept, has never taken off in South Africa, despite the guys from the Sunday Times trying to implement it a couple of years back.

But there is a catch, you have to download BeeTagg to capture the Photocode code. And, to download BeeTagg, you need to send an SMS which costs R1, which they will then send you a link for a free piece of software. (Thanks to Gerhard, you can go straight to http://cellc.beetagg.com, and download it from there) There are a number of other 2D bar code readers that allow you to capture a variety of codes, but only BeeTagg can capture Photocode.Not only that but brands like Nokia are now including a QR reader in their software as a standard application

So how do you create your own BeeTagg Cell C PhotCode? Head on over to http://generator.beetagg.com/ and you can create your own PhotoCode with your own logo. Strange that Cell C is not mentioned anywhere on that page even though this has been introduced to South Africa as their innovation.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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