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This week’s featured WordPress Wednesday developer is Christopher Mills.  He started developing using PHP and MySQL in 1997 when he decided to build the platform for his blog; a place where he could share his ideas.  Later on he converted to WordPress which is his content management system of choice.  In later years his interest for coding developed and he has been hooked on WordPress ever since.

He finds WordPress satisfying to work with as it is written in PHP and MySQL, which fits comfortably with his skill set. He started programming because of his love for problem solving and the amazing feeling it gave him when he solved a problem. Naturally, tying up these two entities is what makes him really enjoy working with WordPress.

Christopher Mills is located in Cape Town and he is employed by  The Forge Web Creations.  He can also be reached via his blog,, which is ranked number 1 in Africa.

He has experience with languages ranging from ASM all the way to C# and obviously open source languages too. He does, however, enjoy developing for WordPress the most.

During his time of development, he coded a few plug-ins most notably, Remind Me, which is a plug-in that enables easy deep linking between articles on websites running WordPress.

He has played a role in the creation of several themes, which were produced by The Forge Web Creations. Currently they have released three, Organic (28,000 downloads),Greyzed (23,000 downloads and was recently re-released as one of Automatic’s templates available to all users) and Aqualine (Released on OneExtraPixel).

I have been featured/ worked in/ with several publications, the most notable being: The Big Issue,,, ReadWriteWeb, The Times and Weekend Argus.

Besides the coding, Christopher Mills loves interior design and fashion design, he’s passionate about fishing, fine wine and enjoys spending time with his fiancé and his wonderful family.

Advice for someone new to WordPress:  “Don’t be overwhelmed, it’s far easier than it looks.”

  • Thanks so much for the opportunity to be featured in this fantastic series, really appreciate the exposure!

    Looking forward to seeing all the other featured players.

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