2010 SA Blog Awards ideas

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Today is the second last day to nominate your favourite blogs in the 2010 SA blog Awards. If you’re wondering how to nominate simply read this or if you know how its done click the widget to the right of this post. It’ll vanish after tomorrow.

If you’re really eager to get those nominations in have you considered SMSing your subscribers? SMS Who? Well if you had the International SMS subscription Manager WordPress plugin installed since its been available on the WordPress Codex you could have been sending your readers who have chosen to share their mobile phone number with you and asked them to vote 🙂 So far 1199 people have downloaded the SMS WordPress plugin that allows you to send a bulk SMS to any mobile number in the world. 222 countries and counting to be exact cos its powered by Clickatell’s Bulk SMS Gateway. I digress.

Seeing that the SA Blog Awards have come of age this year how about we evolve the prizes too? Every year the same type of sponsors come on board offering the same type of prizes. Social Lubricant that makes an awards evening one that is difficult to remember for those who partake. A joy ride in a dream car. Some other prizes and subscriptions. What all the prizes at these awards have in common is their short life spans for the winners of the awards and the sponsors alike.

What if a category sponsors came on board and agreed to give the winners (and runners-up depending on the sponsors budget of course) an advertising contract for the next 12 months until the next years SA Blog Awards come round? Just putting it out there. Only blogs give advertisers/sponsors this kind of growth year-on-year.

Dose your site grow like this?
Does your site grow like this?

I’d also recommend reading imod’s post, The longevity of paying a blogger to blog your product or service, to better understand my thinking behind adding longevity to the SA Blog Awards prizes.

This year Afrigator statistics are also laying a vital role in the SA Blog Awards. I just happen to be wearing this tshirt as I type this…

Afrigator tshirt
Afrigator tshirt

What if Afrigator‘s aggregation technology was used on the SA Blog Awards website to aggregate all the finalists in this years blog awards? I’ve had a look at the sablgoawards.com’s analytics and the only time the site ever gets any traffic is during the nomination and voting phases. How about converting the awards site into a destination where you are able to read and stay up to date with all the best blogs as voted for by the judges and you? I’m sure this will give visitors to the site a reason to return to browse over 100 of the best blogs in South Africa in one central location. There will also be the endless sponsor benefits associated with a site that has a longer lifespan than the current seasonal site that is the SA Blog awards. With that I’ve reached just over 500 words in this post. There wont be daily posts during the week after getting the foursquare Jetsetter badge.

What if Kulula gave special offers if your presented this badge at check in?
What if Kulula gave special offers if your presented this badge at check in?

Your Web AddiCT has hundreds of emails to respond to before reaching inbox zero, I’m fasting and need to spend quality time with my beautiful wife. Even though I won’t be very active on this blog over the next few days I will respond to any comments posted below or on any of the previous posts. You can find me on twitter (@rafiq) while I’m spending the rest of the week in Jozi doing blogging workshops of all things :).

PS: Clickatell are one of the advertisers on this blog.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now 🗺️

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