New look for Local List

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New look Local List
New look Local List

Local List is the pioneering local-only search site focusing on indexing locally hosted content and powered by ISLabs and in the last two months Local List has pushed out a crisp new design, a new range of geotools and a number ofย  add-ons, the first of which that has already been downloaded 500 times since a soft release just a week ago.

The new version of Local List boasts the features below:

Firefox extension: Search from your firefox search box and find locally hosted content from the Local List database searched by Google.


– Geolocation : You can now check where a website is hosted on the fly. For the nerds amongst us, you can also track the geolocation of IP addresses.

– Search : ย New enhancedย contextualย search of verified local sites, all search results are locally hosted and based on our database.

– Explore : If you are in a rush we also have quick links to some of the ย sites in our database.

– Popular : This is the most evident feature on the home page, a list of the most popular services with thumbnails for your convenience.

– Bookmarks : The original was based on social bookmarking and we wanted to keep it as a feature, and you can find it under bookmark.

– Design : The new design shows off a lot more jquery for nice transitions and less page re-loading, the site is slimmed down and the emphasis is on the search feature.
With the mass influx of major web services to our shores and now hosting here (Facebook, Youtube and all other Google services like Gmail) local has never been more powerful. Check out the new Local List ( and tell us what you think!

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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