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Quickly build your own Mobile Social Network with Motribe.

Nic Harry & Vincent Maher have been extremely busy since their departure from Vodacom leaving The Grid and Legends of Echo in their wake amongst other things.

Apart from moving to Silicon Cape they’ve also hatched a new start-up called Motribe. Motirbe is a roll-your-own mobile social network that allows you to build your own social network optimized for mobile handsets with all the usual elements you’d expect from a social network and then some.

Motirbe - Mobile Social Network
Motirbe - Mobile Social Network

What are the features you’d expect from a mobile social network?

  • Chatrooms for one. What is a Mobile Soc Net without them?
  • Private Messages & Broadcast messages
  • Users, of course. What is a community without them?
  • Networks owners and users can create content in the forms of blogs and photo uploads. I’m sure there is a status update in there somewhere too.
  • Customization with HTML snippets. This will allow you to embed static HTML or real time content from your other forms of online media to your Motribe community via RSS feeds or your twitter updates.

How exactly do your know if you mobile social network is a success or not? My favuorite feature of Motribe has to be the Reporting and Analytics the platform provides. Some of the reports and Analytics include: Monitor the number of photo and blog post uploads, comments and ratings. See daily activity reports for content in your community. Find out key demographic information about your users. Sort the data you see by location. For the marketing minded out there who want to measure a little more Motribe also allows you to create campaign-specific tracking URLs enabling you to track the success of your mobile marketing campaigns.

You are also able to monetize your motribe community with custom advertising. Some of the feature are only available to certain users depending on the pricing option you select but I am sure you will be able to up or downgrade as you see fit. Find out more at the Motribe website. Your Web AddiCT wishes Nic and Vincent the best of luck with this venture. Judging on their past achievements I’m sure this mobile social network will be a success. Only time will tell.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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