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The launch of the MXit API is only days away we thought we’d like to draw your attention to things you can already do with MXit using a Google Talk contact to interact with your wwworld.

MXit already allows you to update 2 of the hottest Social Media platform by updating your status which in turn updates your Facebook and Twitter status.

Our good friends over at Rlabs have been trying to find a way to blog from and your Web AddiCT suggested that they try blogging via email on their phones like you do with posterous. This would be great ideal but most of the community that Rlabs are assisting use WordPress and do not have smart phones. These phone do not necessarily have the ability to email but they do run MXit.

Gerhard Potgieter and Paul Scott stepped up to the plate and within on weekend put together the code that allows you to blog from MXit. Not only the WordPress blogging platform is supported but any other blogging service that supports the MetaWebLog API.

It should be possible to blog from MXit to the Chisimba and Posterous platforms too.

Here are the instructions to setup your WordPress blog and MXit to get them working together.

  1. Add the MXitPress bot to your MXit. In MXit add the following Gtalk contact:
  2. In your WordPress blog enable Remote Publishing on your blog at Settings > Writing and ticking XML-RPC Click save settings.
  3. Register your blog with the MXitPress bot by issuing the register command (send the contact the following message): /xmlrpc.php user pass Replacing with your blog url and user and pass with your username and password you use to log into WordPress.
  4. Once you have registered your blog you can go ahead and start publishing blog posts from MXit sending the MXitPress contact the following: Blog Post Title#The content of your blog post goes here

What use does this have? Read the following post by Marlon Parker: 1c Blogpost using MXit or if you want more details from how this MXit hack came about read iGeek’s post.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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