8ta – What’s the big deal?

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8ta is the new mobile service provider powered by South Africa’s leading fixed line operator Telkom. Web AddiCT(s); have never had anything good to say about Telkom with the god damn awful service when it comes to installing an ADSL line. Things are about to change around here with the introduction of 8ta.

Heita - 8ta is here
Heita – 8ta is here

This blog is experiencing record growth with nearly 60 000 unique visitors within the last 30 days (a large % being mobile web traffic) and now with the introduction 8ta things should be on the up and up. Why exactly? 8ta makes surfing the web via mobile even cheaper.

  • In-bundle 8ta data costs as little as 25 cents per megabyte
  • Out of bundle 8ta data cost R1. Half the price of what MTN and Vodacom are charging for internet data at the moment
  • This will make using apps like MXit and 2go or any of your favourite social networks even cheaper.

Here are some of the other benefits of the new 8ta mobile service provided by Telkom:

  • For every 3 minutes of calls you receive you get 1 free minute to call for free.
  • Send 5 SMS messages and get 50 free on the same day
  • You can call any mobile network for only R1.50/minute at any time
  • Unlimited 8ta “Please call me’s” to any network
  • 65c/minute calls to Telkom landlines

Google Android users will see a surge with the HTC Desire and HTC legend available to 8ta prepaid subscribers. You can get the Nokia N8 from Heita too. See the full list of phones available here.

For more information about 8ta visit the site here or the mobi version here.

Heita Tarrifs:


  • SMS @ R0.50 anytime
  • MMS (per 300kb) @ R0.50 anytime
  • USSD (per 20 sec) @ R0.20 anytime


  • per MB (out of bundle rate) @ R1.00
  • Once -Off Internet Bundles:
    • 100MB @ R50 (R0.50/MB)
    • 250MB @ R100 (R0.40/MB)
    • 500MB @ R150 (R0.30/MB)
    • 1GB @ R 250 (R0.24/MB)

Voice Calls:

  • 8ta to SA Mobile and other (Off-net) @ R1.50 per minute anytime
  • 8ta to 8ta @ R1.50 per minute anytime
  • 8ta to national landline (Telkom and Neotel) @ R1.50 per minute anytime
  • Directory Enquiries (110) @ R2.50 per minute Anytime

Send a Free SMS with these options.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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