Review of 2010 predictions – what came true?

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A year ago we asked some of our fellow Web AddiCT(s); what their one prediction for 2010 would be. Let’s recap those predictions for 2010 and see what actually came true.

Dave Duarte – “Bandwidth in SA will be twice as cheap and twice as fast across the board by the end of 2010.”

True – with the introduction of Cell C’s new mobile data offering and 8ta, the new mobile service provider powered by Telkom. Mobile data costs have plummeted for most South African making accessing the internet on your phone much cheaper. These are my thoughts on the new Cell C mobile internet offering and Trevor Noah.

Fixed line DSL costs have become much cheaper than they once were with companies like MWEB offering uncapped ADSL many other Internet Service Providers soon followed. I’ve personally saved 80% on my monthly internet bill after switching over to an uncapped DSL account. You can see the full list of various ISP’s uncapped ADSL deals and prices here.

Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet – “Increasing numbers of twitter users rate it as their preferred primary news source.”

True – Not only is twitter one of the top 10 websites in South Africa (alexa), it outranks the number one news site in the country. Gone are the days of having to visit sites to find out what the latest and breaking news is. Twiiter has even replaced RSS subscription for some. You can now find out about news as it happens just by following the right twitter accounts. He is a good list of various twitter account listing top news sources in South Africa.

Christopher Mills – “More people will understand that communication via data packets is cheaper than sending normal cellular text messages

True – This needs no explanation. The continuous growth of MXit, Blackberry messenger and mobile apps that allow you to access twitter has nearly replaced SMS functionality for many of us.

Jonathan Cherry – “Jack Parow will become South Africaโ€™s next music superstar uniting the nation and causing all the Brits visiting SA for the World Cup to never return again.

True – If you haven’t heard of Jack Prow and you probably don’t use twitter, listen to commercial radio stations, watch television or Youtube. This guy is everywhere. An honourable mention of Die Antwoord must be made here though.

Defza – “Google Chrome

True – There are many reports on Google Chrome’s rapid rise in the browser market. Just looking at the stats of this blog, there has been a 100% increase in readers accessing it using Google Chrome.

That completes the review of predication made for 2010. What do you think will be a big game changer in 2011. Read this post by Rob Stokes to get you thinking.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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