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mxit pinAre you one of the hundreds of thousands of MXit peeps who have forgotten their MXit pin number? Have no fear there are now 2 ways for you to get your MXit pin. This post is written in response to the hundreds of emails, blog comments and tweets I’ve gotten over the past couple of years. Leaving a comment with you phone number on this post will not get your MXit pin back.

  1. You can retrieve your MXit pin via SMS. To get your MXit Pin Number SMS ‘pin’ to 34006 from the cell/mobile number you initially registered when you register for the MXit service. This option only works in South Africa.
  2. You can also retrieve your pin number via email. simply complete this form by entering you MXit login name, and E-mail address registered on MXit account.

If you haven’t already, be sure to assign an email address to your MXit account. Do this Now ‘cos there is no other way of retrieving you MXit pin if you’ve lost your sim card or your number has changed.

  • Octaviadossantos

    well its not working its just a wast of money and time. Why don’t you guys give a contact number of yours where we can call in and where you guys can ask us something reasonable to be able to get the pin cause the email or even the send of the lost pin thing it arnt working try something much beter please cause some of us don’t remember our login names to sms. please do help us

  • n.a.z.

    someone hacked my mxit and changed the password. now i cant retrieve another pin.i’ve tried endless websites nothings worked. please help me someone

  • Baby G

    now realy, u guys must have something else to help one get one’s pin back. i lost dat sim card 5years back and by then that thing of emails didnt exist. so now i am sitting and cant get on to mxit cos i dont have a email link to it and i dont have dat simcard anymore and ALL my contacts are on dat mxit. now what?????????? pls help!!!!

  • Mpumelelongubo

    very cool

  • Santie

    Mixit is wastin all my daughter’s money!!! She sms “pin” to 34006 a million times and its not working!!!!

  • Rashied Johnson

    hi i forgot mxit p[in and i cant get it back coz i lost my sim my mxit number is 0781109862 you can let me know via email at plz my name is rashied johnson

    • Brenaleew

      same thing hapend to me my mxt number is 0780336224

  • Thatomolotsi

    This thing doesn’t work , I put my email address on my mxit profile and when I try to retrieve my pin it doesn’t work . Mxit must come up with better ideas on retrieving peoples pins

  • E.s.H

    not too sure what my login name was.. is it your ID or your display name? have tried both with no luck

  • Tebza92phoshoko

    i forgot my mxit pin 

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  • Khiggins

    This suck why have a e-mail way of getting your pin if it dos not work=o

  • Felicia


  • Shameemak9

    Getting your pin it just another money making business I mean really now u must have a login name to get it back we used cell numbers at that time and now with bb that is out u don’t go a lot on mxit and for some reason u must have a mxit name and the same cell number in order to get back a pin

  • mad dog

    I hve tread so many times the mxit email retrieval and message pin retrieval not work….

  • mad dog

    Invte me on mxit 0747661426 or on BBM 2944ed8e ..only chting no flirtering cuz I’m not into or onto I’m over it …males and females alowed…and I’m male but stricly I’m not gay

  • bored

    this email retrieve password does nt work i need my pin,hw do i get it i hve tried and tried with no luck

  • zinclaire

    Umm..- lost ma mxit pin now I can’t recive it because I got a new number so what can I do?

  • charles m

    hi Sory i forrgot my pin plus my login name i wans redownload mxit starting afresh

  • andrea

    The email address I registered mxit with is no longer in use , neither is that cell numb, I there any other way I can retrieve my pin?