Win R50000 in prizes with a mobile app idea

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Don’t you wish there were more cool, practical and useful smartphone applications available in South Africa? Well, Samsung wants to develop five great locally-relevant application ideas generated by you.

The best idea gets you a whopping R25 000! The second prize is R15 000, third is R10 000, fourth is R5 000, and fifth R2 500, so enter now!

Simply tell Samsung in no more than 500 words what your local application idea is. The more concise and realistic the description, the better your chances of winning and having your idea realised by Samsung.

The Competition:

Samsung recognises the need for more smartphone applications relevant to Africa and all its local flavours, which is why you are getting the chance to put forward your application ideas in a competition to win R25 000!

This competition is open to absolutely anybody. You don’t need to be a developer as Samsung will develop the best application ideas submitted. All you need is a wild imagination and the hunger for more localised apps. Make sure you give a concise and realistic description of an app you’d like to see. You can have a look at the Samsung Wave smartphone and Samsung Galaxy S smartphone’s features here to see which ones can enhance your app, like vibrating or phone tilting.

Idea-submission is phase one of the competition. In phase two, the public will be able to vote for the best application idea and the ones they would like Samsung to develop, so make sure your application idea is clever, original and useful. There will be five winners; the main prize of R25 000, the second prize of R15 000, third of R10 000, fourth of R5 000 and fifth of R2 500.

How to Enter:

Simply think what kind of application you’d like to download that is relevant to South Africa. This can be absolutely anything from where the best restaurants in Sandton are, to what the traffic looks like on the highway using GPS-tracking. Let your imagination go wild, but remember that Samsung will develop the ideas that are the most realistic and do-able.

All you have to do now is submit your details and then tell us your application idea in no more than 500 words. You can also upload supporting documentation if you want to illustrate your idea better with PDFs, Jpegs or Word documents. After you have submitted your idea, we will choose the top 50 application ideas and then have them on the site so the public can vote for their favourites.

What are apps?

Smartphones run complete operating system software that provides a platform for application developers to showcase application software. Application software is contrasted with system software, which manages and uses a computer’s capabilities, but does not directly apply these capabilities as tasks to be performed. A simple analogy in the world of hardware would be the relationship of an electric light bulb (an application) to an electric power generation plant (a system). The power plant merely generates electricity, not itself of any real use until harnessed to an application like the electric light that performs a service that benefits the user.

So an application is a computer program designed to help people perform an activity. It is not an operating system that runs a computer, a utility that performs maintenance or general things and it is not a programming language with which computer programmes are created. Applications are designed to fulfil activities like word processing, or GPS location or manipulating text, numbers or graphics.

Samsung’s smartphone applications or apps include games, news apps, reference, social networking and many more. These applications have been created to be useful for entertainment, information, organisation โ€“ you name it! Applications are meant to interest and entertain people on their mobile phones. The more entertaining or useful, the more popular the application.

Samsung Apps lets you browse applications easily and shop by category, popularity or recommended picks. You can even search for specific apps or browse through recently updated ones. Samsung Apps’ easy-to-use browser and sheer wealth of applications make it a fun place to hang out and explore your options.

Find the perfect app? Getting it on your mobile is easier than ever. Instantly download it to your mobile; the easy, one-step purchase lets you start using your apps right away. For paid apps, you can choose from a variety of convenient payment methods.

TO find out more about the Samsung Application idea competition visit

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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