The most desired Mobile brand in South Africa

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Can you guess what the must have mobile phone is among the youth in South Africa? If you wee thinking iPhone or a Google Android device you are wrong. Believe it or not BlackBerry is the most desired mobile phone brand in South Africa according to research done by RLabs Research Institute.

BlackBerry: South Africa's most desired mobile phone?
BlackBerry: South Africa's most desired mobile phone?

There are some interesting comments on the post by Aslam Levy and Christopher Mills. I think this demonstrates that the mobile web is not what you think in South Africa. Yes most of the survey respondents are between the ages of 18 and 24 but they are the future of this country. Makes you think twice before hiring a entire team to build iOS (Iphone and iPad) apps when the future for South Africa appears to be dominated by BlackBerry and Nokia.

On another note… apparently BlackBerry is testing Android apps on their phones. Could this indicate that soon the Android Market will come pre-installed on BlackBerry Devices?

In this keynote by Google chairman of the board, Eric Schmidt, he indicates that mobile continues to grow beyond all expectations.

  • za5

    This is clearly an African thing as when I was in Australia the iPhone owns the market with young people and the youth. There are no Blackberries to be see on the street even though they’re offered by service providers there.

    I think Blackberry has a killer app in Africa with their BIS flat fee service and the fact that their phones are affordable – eg a Blackberry 8520 costing R1900 with a prepaid card.