Red Bull Mobile HD

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About 3 weeks ago I got my hands on the Red Bull Mobile HD smart phone powered by Android & Cell C. We already know how awesome the Cell C network is but how exactly does the phone compare to other Android phones I’ve used in the past? I decided to switch to Red Bull Mobile HD as my primary mobile device today but might be experiencing some technical problems. i’ve emailed the Cell C representative I got the device from and await feedback. This could possible be a great device on a great network but the support is what really counts IMHO.

Stay tuned as Your Web AddiCT ventures into the wwworld of Red Bull Mobile. Here are some of cool REd Bull Mobile apps that come preloaded on the device which I’ve found useful.

RBMA Radio

With the Red Bull Music Academy Radio you get tons of exclusive songs, live-performan ces, interviews, mixes and music-shows directly on your phone. Since the start of the Music Academy Workshops 2005 the pool of captivating music, out of more than 50 countries, has been steadily growing and waiting to finally be discovered by you.
rbma radio

Some of the RBMA Radio features include:

  • Stream thousands of shows live and on-demand
  • Get all the background info to your show
  • Browse the archive by artist, music genre, or show category while listening
  • Bookmark and manage your personal favourites
  • Recommend shows to your friends

There are a few more Red Bull Mobile apps available with new ones being added or the ones you currently have installed updated via the App Store.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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