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Everyone is talking about the new MXit V6 coming out really shortly. Judging by the traffic surge this site has experienced over the past week everyone wants to download the new MXit and find out about the new features of MXit v6.

Wait no more. Herewith the new features of the new version of MXit :

As you can see from the image above taken at Mobile Media Mindblast there will be a fresh new look and feel. I’ve heard it being compared to BBM *hurl*.

  • Registration changes have been made to this feature to make it easier for new users to get started on MXit.
  • Home Screen a new section was created in the client to allow users to find key services and applications within MXit.
  • Contact roster has hints helps users discover how to add contacts, chatzones and MultiMX’s
  • APP roster which allows users to better manage all their apps installed on MXit
  • Improvements to Tradepost gaming section with deep linking from the MXit Application to specific areas in Tradepost
  • Contact Search user can now search for their friends
  • Phonebook upload users can upload their entire phonebook to find their friends on MXit
  • Settings Improvements, we have reworked settings to make it easier for users to find and customize their MXit application
  • Improved Navigation to help the user to complete their common tasks
  • Profile preview users can now investigate friends and non-friends profiles to make sure they chatting to the right person MXit is not about anonymity so much and more about Profile privacy. Previously invites to users were shown with very little information describing the inviter. According to survey conducted 80% of MXit wants more user information to be displayed.

How will this benefit MXit users?

  • It is now easier to get started on the new MXit – because registration is easy and once you inside MXit they have made it easy to discover all the good stuff that is on offer in MXit
  • We have made it easy to find your friends on MXit by introducing Search by Name, email, phone number. You can also upload your phonebook to find friends automatically. MXit has implemented enhancements to our friend suggestion service
  • You can now Preview peoples profiles to help you make sure you are connecting to your best mates (rather than evil stalkers)
  • The new MXit has been given a facelift with new icons and a fresh, cleaner layout.
  • MXit’s apps let’s you do everything from reading the news to conquering the moon. Making it easier for you to manage your Apps and discover new ones (Games, Content, Weather- all other apps)
  • Chatting has been improved. It will now be easier to see who  wants to chat to you and you now better manage all your chats at once
  • You will be able to easily send- sound clips (MP3s), pictures and files.

As an aside. MXit do NOT have 10 million users in South Africa. That number is closer to 30 million. Do not believe all the infographics you see 😉 Do not download MXit from a friend who has shared a link with you to a non-MXit site. Only download MXit v6 from to avoid dissapointment.

  • Mike

    How can Mxit have 30 million users in a country of 50 million people? Makes no sense at all. Their figures are quite inflated – id like to know the number of actual users as opposed to registered users.

    • SIR

      not only south africans use mxit… other neighbouring countrys also use mxit such as botswana, Zimbabwe,namibia etc…

      • Mike

        yes i Know,  but article says “As an aside. MXit do NOT have 10 million users in South Africa. That number is closer to 30 million” i.e. Mxit have 30 million users in SA. We only have a population of 50 million!

        • someone


        • hagagagagaha

          treu but i dont care about that stuff its crap

  • humairaa

    i like the new version of mxit , its a fresh fun look

  • Anonymous

    u hve 2 get dis

  • Hey i agree with you mike

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      you tooo

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  • lungelo

    M enjoyin mxit….

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    yeah dis new v6 of mxit is cool hey

  • portia

    Ja is more fabulous i also like thi version

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    Eish… Bt its fyn!!!!

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    S!mply da best

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  • Leano

    mxit iz very smart and many people enjoy using it so it indeed deserv more users