Android WiFi Sync… or why the Samsung Galaxy SII rocks

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As promised in my initial post about the Samsung Galaxy S II here is one of the main reasons I think it totally rocks. Usually with other smart phones like the iPhone 4 or most other Google Android phones you actually need to connect your device via USB to achieve anything quickly. iPhone users have it even harder with the requirement of having iTunes just to sync your music, photos and other important applications/files.

With Android it is much easier because you’re phone is treated a a USB storage device so access to the files are as easy as opening Finder or Windows Explorer and simply dragging what you need over to your desktop. All this has changed with Samsung Kies Air, an app exclusive to Samsung Galaxy devices, that will allow you to Sync your device over WiFi.

Samsung today have added a useful application to its App Store – Kies Air โ€“ which allows users to sync their phone with a PC wirelessly. The application allows PCs to access the smartphone over WiFi and view call logs, videos, photos, bookmarks, and IMs, as well as send SMS messages from the computerโ€™s browser โ€“ which not only promotes user friendly and an enhanced experience, but also allows for quick synchronisation of contacts and calendars.

โ€œThis innovative application development is just one way in which we at Samsung are striving to deliver to the market functional applications that not only simplify our customerโ€™s device management, but also ensures that they have access to the very latest in technology offerings, from both a B2B and B2C perspective,โ€ says Brett Loubser, B2C Apps Development Lead at Samsung.

Content management however is not where it ends, the Kies Air application enables the consumer to use the PC keyboard for typing messages and emails for example, quickly. Furthermore, the ability to archive text messages and sync content to the device as well as incorporate Samsung Galaxy smartphones as a modem makes this application a market leading innovative tool for Samsung Galaxy users. Now users will be able to upload and download music, pictures and videos wirelessly, which is convenient if a USB cable is not available or your USB ports are occupied.

โ€œThis service is just another way we are enhancing the customer experience โ€“ making the interaction with the device easier and more seamless in line with our already strong product line,โ€ concludes Loubser.

Now WiFi Sync is possible on the Samsung Galaxy (version 2.2 or later) or Samsung Galaxy S2 using Kies Air.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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