14 Ways MXit Protects It’s Users

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MXit, Africaโ€™s largest mobile social network, has taken a tough stance on cyber crime on its platform by adopting some of the most stringent social networking security guidelines available globally.

The social network recently reinvented its look and in addition to its normal safety features, it included a number of new security measures, including allowing users to manage their privacy settings by enabling or disabling their profiles in public searches.

Here are 14 Ways MXit are proactively protecting it’s users.

  1. Chatrooms are moderated for up to 14 hours a day โ€“ with extensive moderator presence available in all Teen Zones.
  2. A Chatroom Blocking feature is available for parents with children of a sensitive age, which enables them to block access to this environment on MXit. (See MXit > Info > Chat Zone Block).
  3. In compliance with the Child Protection Act, MXit does not allow adults to engage with children or teenagers. All chatrooms are split into the age groups 13 to 17, 18+ and adult, to ensure that the interaction in the chatrooms is age appropriate.
  4. The private chatroom feature has been disabled to users aged between 13 to 17 yearsย old. This measure ensures that a young person is further protected from โ€œgoing private?ย with a stranger who has dubious motives.
  5. A user can set up their own chatroom with their friends and password-protect it. This ensures that access is by invitation only โ€“ and after 36 hours of inactivity the room will shut down.
  6. User identity remains anonymous when he or she is in a (public) Chat Zone.
  7. Typing in a โ€œ.ratโ€ command, when in a chat room on MXit, will allow a user to report any abuse they may experience on MXit. MXit then receives the authority to see the last 30 strings of this conversation; and will follow up within 6 to 12 working/office hours.
  8. A user navigating MXit is continually prompted not to reveal any personal information, including user profiles, personal details and/or photographs. Every time a user enters a Chat Zone, he or she is reminded to keep all personal details private.
  9. All chatrooms contain profanity filters.
  10. MXitโ€™s Dating Game is age restricted to 18+ and all profiles are randomly moderated.
  11. MXit Xchange, the classifieds service of MXit, is moderated 24 hours a day andย every postย is moderated before it?s posted on MXit.
  12. MXitโ€™s terms and conditions state that a user?s minimum age has to be 13 years. This is to protect vulnerable users who may not be emotionally mature enough to engage with this type of platform.
  13. Defamatory material circulating on MXit must be reported toย support@mxit.com
  14. MXit will suspend or ban users that abuse its technology – and in extreme cases, following correct legal process, it will assist authorities when the abuse warrants their involvement.
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