Time to Pivot. The Blogging Metamorphosis Continues

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Pivot is not just another over-hyped buzzword in the startup wwworld. In business when you pivot it is usually to change your business model by making small tweaks or changes, sometimes large and dramatic, with an objective to increase your revenue or service a different need or different market. Loic Le Meur of Seesmic fame is probably the most skilled in the art of pivoting his start-up and has done so a few times since being on my radar over the last 4 years.
Pivot Legal Society is my Homeboy/girl/unspecified
Not only in business can you pivot. Politicians tend to pivot frequently after they are elected. Look at Nobel Peace laureate Barack Obama and his stance on ending those two wars. He may have done much already but there would be no NATO action without his go-ahead. It might not be called war but what’s happening in North Africa is. I’d consider that a pivot too. So your Web AddiCT has decided to pivot this blog and herewith some of the things that will be changing.

Before we get to what will be changing let’s first do a quick recap of where, what you’ve been reading here for nearly 6 years, has come from.

Nearly Six Years of YOU and I
Nearly Six Years of YOU and I

I’ve been creating and publishing websites since 1999 mainly to experiment, learn and quickly figured how the www can be used to connect likemindedindividuals. I knew I’d like to do something online from Cape Town and started studying an industry that was closely linked to an essay I penned, on how the internet and technology can influence our lives, during my final English exam at high school. Started what today is considered blogging in 2000 and generated revenue from my first online venture in 2001 by pure chance. A car accident and subsequent medical issues wiped 2001 from my mind and it turned my memory into one of a goldifsh. This lead me to not use the internet at all for almost a year then use the internet like a ‘normal’ person for the next couple of years while learning how to remember then rediscovering where I came from and where I was planning to go.

If you look at the visitor overiew graph above you would have noticed the 2 valleys between the peaks at the end of the graph. The first one was caused by server issues, the second was time spent observing and not blogging. Khaya just tweeted, “Show people who you are by what you do, not by telling them who you are.” With that I’ll start showing more of what it is I do and how it influences the people like you in my social graph.


How this blog is going to Pivot:

  • A more refined theme to reflect how the audience as well as I have evolved of the last few years.
  • Fewer, more in-depth posts on various topics I enjoy covering.
  • More guest blogging post. If you’d like to write an article or four here, get in touch.
  • Less advertising. Even though without it this blog wouldn’t be able to sustain itself. We’ll still feature our awesome advertisers but wont be forcing anything down your throats. If you believe your company or brand should be part of the select group of premium advertisers email me: info@www.webaddict.co.za
  • More change, less hype. Technology is a great enabler. Nothing will be published here that won’t enable your to learn something new or enhance/improve your work or personal life.
If there is anything you’d like to see more or less of please get in touch or comment below. That’s the direction I’d like to pivot this blog into but without your feedback and guidance there might be other opportunities to better serve you I’ve missed.
You know what to do…
Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now 🗺️

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