You Can Pay for Real Products with MXit Moola Now.

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MXit used to be the topic almost every jounrno used to love slating in the press, this was mainly due to FUD, but lately every single news/media/blog with anything closely related to South African technology hails them as the darlings of SA tech. Hypocritical much? The positive attention MXit is getting everywhere is great and now the mobile app is really growing up with new updates,ย improvementsย to the user experience and the addition of newย functionality that can be applied to the real world.

One such instance is using MXit for real wwworldย monetaryย transactions. You can now pay for your coffee at Vida in Stellenbosch using MXit Moola.

If is really awesome to see things Your Web AddiCT(s); have been pondering and predicting coming true over the past 6 years. Let’s take a trip down the MXit memory lane…

  • Before you could get HIV Counselling and Drug Advice and Support you could get driver education and training assistance & support via MXit. (2006)
  • Before you could Vote 4 Table mountain or your favourite Idols wana-be-star on MXit you could do this. (2007)
  • Later on in 2007 Yasser asked if MXit was ready for ready for mCommerce. The answer was yes for digital, not so much for real world products per se until the Vida video above. No longer will the feature-phone rich African continent need to upgrade to NFC devices to tap-and-pay. This must surely be a sign of micro-payments coming a step closer to MXit.
  • Some more ideas shared here about MXit that came true recently: When I shared TrustFabric (August 2011) with you I also mentioned: “Imagine having your kids mobile numbers connected to the Child Protect service… I can even picture MXit users parentโ€™s, who are concerned about their childrenโ€™s safety in chat rooms meant for a more mature audience, control with who their kids converse on Africaโ€™s largest social network simply by setting up Child Protect.” 3 months later MXit’s new owners, World of Avatar, invests in TrustFabric.

It is always awesome seeing ideas and concepts shared here first come to life a little while later ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a few more ideas floating around in my head which I haven’t shared with anyone yet. Maybe it’s time to head down to Stellenbosch again and pay the MXit team a visit, if the new owners will let me in.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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