Galaxy Nexus arriving in South Africa

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The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the first smartphone to ship with Google’s much-hyped Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System(OS). The new OS is especially interesting because it ships without the cumbersome manufacturer interface that normally gets thrown on top of Android’s software. This is pure Ice Cream Sandwich and it is pretty cool.

Fans of Android devices in South Africa will have to wait until โ€œearly 2012โ€ to get this latest smartphone. The recent rumour has been that the new Galaxy phone by Samsung will hit South Africa on Feb. 14 with a price point of R 6,999 โ€“ R 7,299.

The Galaxy Nexus is an improvement over the Galaxy S II in a few significant ways.

First, the Nexus features a superb AMOLED screen with 720×1280 resolution. AMOLED screens have contrast rates that are much better than LCD screens. They are also much more power efficient so you won’t have to constantly recharge your phone because the screen is so luminescent.

The most important difference though, is in the software. Besides being a more feature-packed software set, Ice Cream Sandwich trumps the S II because of its โ€œpureโ€ Android experience. With the Galaxy Nexus, users can expect regular updates that are speedy and useful. The biggest beef Android users have had has to do with infrequent or non-existent updates for their devices. Those problems will be a thing of the past for Galaxy Nexus users.

These two phones are top of the line devices, but when the Galaxy Nexus comes to South Africa in February, expect it to be the new king of Android devices.

Where can you pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in South Africa? Can you upgrade to the Galaxy Nexus on MTN, Vodacom or Cell C? Continue reading for a video review and more details of the benchmark Ice-Cream Sandwich phone coming to South Africa soon..

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UPDATE: Virgin Mobile has been informed by Samsung that they can expect stock of the Galaxy Nexus to arrive in the South Africa at the end of January 2012.

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