There’s something about Pinterest…

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Pinterest is not just another social network. Well, not like you think it is. It’s really just a virtual pin board โ€“ a place where you can store and share all your serendipitous internet finds in a practical and visual way. It’s like ‘bookmarking’ taken to a whole new level. There’s not much in the way of cheesy or ostentatious status updates or anything like that… so SCORE. There’s no arrogance or bickering, and no show-offs or ‘Look, look at me!’ phonies. In fact it’s quite the opposite. It’s just a bunch of interesting people sharing cool stuff they find on the net.

Pinterest is visual in a way that anybody can enjoy. Male, female, young, old โ€“ there’s a little somethin’ Pinteresting (I just had to. Sorry.) for everyone. It’s a place where you see positivity. It’s like this unpretentious, noncommercial island in the middle of the advertising-riddled internet ocean; a place to escape to and indulge in eye-candy overload. I don’t know… there’s just something about Pinterest. When days seem dark, take a hop and a click over to ogle some ‘Pins’ โ€“ you may find yourself pleasantly distracted. Whether it’s by the discovery of a new exotic destination to add to your travel bucket list (I’m eye-balling the heck out of Patagonia right now) or whether you’re entertained by an infographic poster depicting the evolution of the geek – the point is, there is a distracting pin lurking around a pinboard near you.

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I want to wax lyrical about this site and what a treat it is for the eyes but I won’t. I’ll just go so far as to say that it’s a place you’ll find easy to get lost in. The part I like most though, is that you can choose to follow other people’s boards. So if you’re keen on learning about or seeing more of a specific topic or theme, you’d just need to ‘follow’ a fellow Pinner’s board and you’ll start seeing all their cool Pins in your Pinterest news stream. And if you spot something you really like, you can ‘Repin’ it and store it in one of your own personalised Pinboards, making it easier to track down later on.

8 Things that make Pinterest appealing…

  1. It’s easy to use. No, really. It’s quite simple.
  2. It’s a useful tool for organising images and random finds
  3. It’s a visual feast โ€“ Pinterest looks good on anything
  4. You get to see things you ordinarily never would. DIY and travel/places Pin Boards FTW.
  5. You get to see ordinary and old things in new ways and from other people’s perspectives
  6. It’s a fantastic place for businesses to conduct free market research. Consumers are essentially displaying all their favourite brands, recipes, music, art, dรฉcor, travel destinations (and more) to the world. Market Research can’t get any simpler โ€“ or easier on the eyes.Pinterest harbours and promotes a warm and creative global community.
  7. Pinterest has no ads. As in there is no advertising on the website. At all.
  8. I’ll say it again โ€“ Pinterest is advertising free.
Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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