Zing joins the Mobile Instant Messaging race

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No enterprise level messaging platform has delivered the cost and scalability benefits that are to be found in the mobile IM space. This is set to change with the introduction of ZiNG and MGM (Mobile Group Messaging) created by Blazingchilli, which is to be launched initially in 15 countries on 12 February 2012.

Mobile Group Messaging is arguably the most powerful tool available for reaching South African consumers, eclipsing the reach of other platforms such as email and Facebook. There are 50-55 million active SIM cards in South Africa, 4.7 times more households with a cell phone than a computer and 87% of working South African adults use a mobile phone (AMPS 2010AB). Reaching the largest possible audience at an astonishing rate of R1 (ZAR) per user per day for unlimited messaging is set to shake up the market.

At its core, ZiNG is a free chat and information sharing mobile application that offers users a quick and inexpensive way to keep in touch. With instant and group messaging, live news and a content sharing environment, ZiNG operates as a comprehensive MultiMessenger that supports virtually all data-enabled mobile devices, thus bridging the gulf between people with older entry-level feature phones to anyone with the latest smartphone devices. ZiNG is compitable on all major mobile devices such as Nokia, Samsung and similar compatible devices, such as BlackBerry, Android and Apple devices.

ZiNG also has an integrated reward and information delivery structure that delivers real value to end users and creates exciting potentials for organisations to leverage when engaging with their target market. Consumers can be rewarded with points for participating in surveys, viewing advertisements or participating in real-time votes. The points a consumer has earned may be redeemed in-app for a variety of goods, including airtime.

โ€œZiNG is set to transform group messaging. Organisations will be able to communicate with groups of unlimited size. Featuring rewards, survey capabilities, broadcast messaging and closed user groups, means that ZiNG MGM offers a depth of value that no other Enterprise messaging system does.โ€ says Brett Loubser, Mobile Strategy Director at Blazingchilli, the developer behind ZiNG.

โ€œWe believe our incredibly simple and aggressive pricing will deliver the most cost effective mass messaging solution available in the market. For a maximum spend of R1 per user per day, an organisation could deliver unlimited messages to an audience of any size.โ€

A key part of the ZiNG experience is ease of use, with simple installation and registration, no set-up costs, pay-as-you-use or managed contract options and, most importantly, fast and reliable messaging.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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