Give orphans a Fair Chance in the MoneySmart #BudgetChallenge

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It’s been very quiet here due to various factors but the main reason is I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to affect social change in the time I usually spend updating and publishing posts here. Everything will be revealed shortly though as development is just about done. Enough about me.

Web AddiCT(s); along with 9 other bloggers and journos have all been given some cash on a debit card and been asked to make it work within a budget we’ve set at the beginning of the challenge. The winner of the #BudgetChallenge after 7 days will win R10000 to donate to the charity or non-profit organization of their choice. I’ll only be bugging you about this for 7 days, don’t worry. You can follow along on the moneysmart Facebook Page.

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There are so many worthy causes worth supporting around South Africa but when I first heard about a fairly new NPO, Fair Chance, and what they were about I felt that they needed our help. They are so new they dont even have their own website yet. Hopefully some reading this with some free time and the needed skills can assist them.

Who is Fair Chance?

The organisationsโ€™ main objectives are to help orphanages by offering holistic support which allows them to make sustainable and positive impact on the lives of children.

  • Creating a platform for development
  • Fostering relationships with key partners
  • Generating opportunities for children to prosper
  • Creating an awareness of the needs of orphanages

Their mission is to create a network of orphanages (our partners), which are able to help each other with various extra resources they may have. They intend to also find best practice for orphanages in terms of skill development projects, sustainability, social development, self sufficiency and health and wellness.

Fair Chance aims to be the catalyst for orphanages to support each other and to create an environment where each orphanages inhabitants have a platform to develop and become positive, responsible contributors to society , Cape Town and South Africa.

On 5 March 2012, the same day as the moneysmart BudgetChallenge ends, Fair Chance will start their first project for the year…

Our first project in 2012 is in partnership with EMASITHANDANE CHILDRENS ORGANISATION an orphanage situated in Nyanga, Cape Town.

Please visit for more info about this orphanage.

These are pictures of the building they had recently erected…

Let's help Fair Chance finish this
Let's help Fair Chance finish this

We are in the process of having this structure plastered and then aim to complete the building with gutters, painting and other finishes….. (depending on how much funds we can raise)

The work will start on Monday the 5th of March and should be done within 6 days…(if all goes as planned)

This is an appeal for your support to raise money to pay for the work that will be done!

Any Donation would be most welcomed and much appreciated.

You can support Fair Chance NPO simply by copying and pasting this into your twitter client and tweeting it once or as many time as your wish before 5 March 2012 ๐Ÿ™‚

Check Out #BudgetChallenge by moneysmart! Vote for @rafiq your fav Web AddiCT 4 social change @MONEYchirps

The other option is if you go to the MoneySmart Facebook page and like it, then under contestants like ‘Rafiq Phillips’ AND under Charities like Fair Chance NPO. 3 Facebook likes could change the lives of many orphans in Langa next week.

Or you can deposit some funds (any amount you can) directly into the Fair Chance account…

Bank :Nedbank
Type of Account :Current Account
Name :Fair Chance
Account Number :1001450086
Branch Code :101709
Swift Code : NEDSZAJJ

Be sure to start your reference code with WA so they know it came from here. Should you wish to make contact with the founders feel free to comment below and I’ll put you in touch. Thank you in advance for the Likes, Tweets, donations and comments. Let’s show the wwworld how Web AddiCT(s); make change happen ๐Ÿ™‚

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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