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UrahisiWith the mobile market taking over Africa by storm, Urahisi has launched itโ€™s mobile ordering system which runs on mobile web and also the african social network giant, Mxit. Urahisi provides a gateway system that is easy and convenient for people to order goods via their mobile devices, giving them direct access to enterprises

The idea of Urahisi was initially birthed in November 2011, by it’s two founding members, Nathaniel Wagner and Kyle Jonck. The idea came from a simple thought, to a chat around a kitchen table, of being able to order pizza via your mobile phone without having a smartphone, dialing or smsing. In todayโ€™s life things are created to make our lives easier or simple which is also then how the name Urahisi came about, meaning convenience/easily in Swahili.

Pizza then wasnโ€™t the only thought, it broadened down to many other channels concerning duties such as people in rural areas that have to walk many miles for medical supplies whereby they can use a mobile phone with a 3G internet connection to order their stock from.

The idea then went into the RLabs Innovation Incubator as one of the startups and into itโ€™s development stages in January 2012. The system is still in developing stages in the incubator, and is currently running on mobile web (mobi.urahisi.co.za) and also on the Mxit platform under Mxit Reach.The system is built for anybody who is wanting to take their business to another level by becoming part of the mobile market and building their own online mobile store on the Urahisi platform.

Benefits of Urahisi:

  1. It is easy and convenient to use and does not require a smartphone.
  2. Serves as another marketing channel for businesses
  3. Any entrepreneur is able to make use of the platform Corporate or small business owner.
  4. You will receive a 3 month free trial when signing up with Urahisi

To register your business now and get a 3 month free trial, click here

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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