Learn WordPress On Weekends in Cape Town

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Learn to do it all yourself and take your WordPress website to the next level.
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Introducing the WordPress BootCamp WordPress Course Cape Town. A course designed to get you into battle mode when it comes to taking your WordPress website to the next level. We’ll cover the essentials of managing a WordPress site, as well as how to customise, optimise and generally improve your site’s performance to compete with the bajillion other sites out there.

You’ll learn how to add, edit and manage your own text, image and other media content. You’ll also learn how to integrate your site with a range of social and other media to achieve the most effective web campaigns on a shoestring budget.

The Most Demanded Skills in Web Publishing

With WordPress currently powering more sites than any other CMS(Content Management System) on the market, and clients demanding WordPress skills more and more, there’s no better time than right now to get your foot into the door of this super popular, user friendly and extremely powerful system which has already changed the way web publishers use the web to get their messages out there.

Learn to Build, Manage, Optimise and Super Charge your own self hosted Website running on WordPress. The Course will run over 4 Saturdays, starting September 15 until October 6 in Cape Town CBD.

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