MXit WordPress Plugin now available

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WordPress and Mxit, sections are dedicated to those topics here. Just read about this on twitter and had to share. I’m about to teest the MXit WordPress plugin for myself right here. Stay tuned.


mxPress is a open source community project that helps Bloggers & Community based projects easily create Blogs (a.k.a “apps”) on Mxit.

In technical jargon, mxPress integrates the Mxit Mobi API from Mxit with WordPress. The mxPress plugin is made available by Kazazoom (Pty) Ltd under the open source BSD-3 license.

Instead of  developing a Mxit App, Site or Blog from scratch, you can set one up in a few minutes using the mxPress WordPress plugin for Mxit.

Coming soon. Web AddiCT(s); on MXit coming soon